So Spider-Man’s NOT In the MCU?

Posted: December 10, 2014 in Comic Book News
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Just a few hours ago, it was revealed in leaked e-mails between executives from Sony and Marvel that the companies had conversations about Spider-Man officially becoming a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Don’t get too excited though, since the e-mails also seem to state that the talks didn’t work out, meaning Sony will keep the character and Spidey won’t be adventuring with the Avengers any time soon.

In an earlier post, I mentioned the reasons why teaming up with Marvel would be a good thing for Sony; for example, the ridiculous amounts of money they would make with Spider-Man appearing in any MCU related film (the first planned appearance in which would have been in Captain America: Civil War, by the way) would be a tremendous boon for Sony. With the proposed plan including Marvel taking over production and Sony still holding on to marketing, Sony wouldn’t have even had to lift a finger to make a profit off of this new trilogy. Why then did the talks fall through? No one’s sure, but considering Marvel’s already planned schedule of films, as well as the leaked e-mails implying a fairly strict hold on film appearances on Marvel’s part, it’s a fair bet that Sony cut talks simply to hold onto the rights of the character. Still though, it’s entirely possible that the talks might start back up again in the future.

Possible screenshot from new Spider-Man film in development? Image taken from

With the Marvel talks down (at least for the moment), what’s next for the webslinger? The planned Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3 films are still supposedly being made for 2016 and 2018, respectively. What’s interesting though is the mention of yet another Spider-Man film currently in development by the studio. The mention includes details about an animated movie being produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, with the description that it will be a comedy film based around the character. Only time will tell if the film will be good or not. Among other things, there are also apparently spinoffs being considered that would focus on the “women from the webslinger’s life”. Maybe that Aunt May spinoff rumor could actually be true after all?

Remember to check back here for new information as it is released.


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