Trailer Breakdowns: Ant-Man

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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The teaser for Marvel’s Ant-Man film has been out for a day now (two, if you count the tongue in cheek “ant sized” trailer released on January 2nd). The regular sized trailer can be seen below:

I’m really excited for this movie. Not only do we get to see more of the MCU’s history, but we also get a sort of heist film hidden inside a superhero film; the way I’ve been reading the plot summary, Ant-Man sounds like a cross between The Italian Job and Iron Man. So how much of the film can we glean from this trailer? So far, we know that:

  1. Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang Will Have Some Jail Time – We already know Scott Lang is a thief. But around the 0:09 mark, we can see what looks like actor Rudd getting into a fight within a California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (CDCR) prison. It’s possible that the military men, seen around the 0:03 mark, are escorting him away from prison to have him help Dr. Pym (Michael Douglas) with something later on (perhaps the “heist that will save the world”?)
  2. Evangeline Lilly’s Hope Prepares for Battle – Lilly’s Hope Van Dyne character is still not confirmed or denied to be this film’s Wasp (although given the hairstyle, the last name, and the lack of other Wasp candidates, it’s a pretty safe bet she’s going to sprout wings), although there does seem to be a very small clue towards her candidacy for the part (yes, pun intended). Around the 0:09-0:10 mark, Lilly is seen training in some kind of personal gym, perhaps even training with Rudd’s character.
  3. Ant-Man Is on the Scene! – Although we haven’t seen the physical costume in full yet, the teaser teases us with a quick glimpse of the superhero’s legs and feet at the 0:10-0:11 mark. Ant-Man is running through what looks like a house (he’s running in between a bookshelf and a balcony railing), meaning we might be seeing the point when Scott Lang steals the Ant-Man suit.
  4. Pym Technologies Appears – Given Dr. Pym’s status as a businessman, it was a given that his company would appear in the film. Around the 0:04 mark, we see the Pym Technologies logo and its building resting near the waterfront (similar to Tony Stark’s house before the attack in Iron Man 3).
  5. Darren Cross Walks – At the 0:08 mark, we see the film’s villain, Darren Cross/Yellowjacket (Corey Stoll) walking through his company, Cross Technological Enterprises (note what appears to be a “C” logo on the door to the left). Not much context in this shot, but it could have something to do with the Ant Man suit (since Cross is supposed to steal it in order to build his Yellowjacket suit). I imagine we’ll know more once the next trailer debuts.

Anything that I missed? Are you excited to see the full trailer, being released on January 6, during the premiere of Agent Carter on ABC? Leave a comment, or send me a tweet, and let me know! Remember to keep checking back here for the latest updates.

Pym Technologies logo. Image taken from


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