Trailer Breakdowns: The Fantastic Four (2015)

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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Here it is, the first official bit of footage comic book fans and filmgoers alike get to see about this year’s upcoming reboot of Marvel’s first family, The Fantastic Four. While the trailer itself deserves a review (something I’ll be getting into by tomorrow), let’s break down everything we see first, shall we?

To start, the trailer gives us a few shots of both New York and a natural setting, with piano music overlaid and a voice over from someone who has, as of yet, not been identified by the studio (fan guesses tend to point to either Reg Cathey‘s Dr. Storm or Toby Kebbell‘s Doom doing the voiceover). We see a shot of a building marked ‘Grimm Salvage’ at 0:17 as the camera pans to look at the stars, as the voiceover tells of the human need to “discover” (a nice throwback to the original origins of the FF, where they were bombarded with cosmic rays after test flying an unshielded rocket).

The Fantastic Four. Image taken from

At 0:25, a young Reed Richards and a young Ben Grimm are seen examining one of young Reed’s devices (since this is based on the Ultimate Universe, we can infer that this is probably a smaller scaled version of the machine that will give the team their powers later in the movie). Speaking of the machine, the very next shot is of the four scientists being sealed into different tubes, each one of them wearing some kind of a protective suit; meanwhile, a large group of military men and women examine blueprints of the device. The next few shots introduce us to the team, showing Miles Teller’s Reed Richards eagerly looking on his surroundings (probably his first day in the Baxter Building), Kate Mara’s Sue Storm hard at work on a computer console (which some have suggested, given the easter egg, that she is tracking down the source of a cyber attack on the building’s systems), Jaimie Bell’s Ben Grimm playing a game of baseball, and Michael B. Jordan’s Johnny Storm working on a car engine.

What’s interesting about the shot at 0:57 though, is that there appears to be six people entering what looks like a modified version of the machine the FF entered earlier in the trailer. Perhaps this scene comes after the team gets their powers, and they, plus a few others, want to examine the cause of their condition? We then get to see the aftereffects of the machine: everything seems destroyed, Kate Mara stares on in horror, and now the team have been split apart. Like in the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, we see each member of the FF now in a different location; Reed in a forest, Johnny in burning wreckage, Ben in a facility breaking out of rocks, and Sue somewhere surrounded by winds (although its possible she could be with Tim Nelson’s Harvey Elder/the Mole Man).

Dr. Doom? Image taken from

Finally, at 1:13, we catch a glimpse of the Human Torch using his abilities in a hallway! But no, he doesn’t actually do anything before we’re shown a massive energy wave expanding over New York. Cut to three of the FF shown climbing what looks like a volcano before we see a quick flash of our first official, albeit teased, look at Dr. Doom as he’s shot at by soldiers before killing them.

Lastly, we see three of the team using their abilities: Johnny on fire (again) shooting flames at his sister, who protects herself with an energy shield, while Reed stretches his arm in desperation for something/towards someone. The very last shots in the trailer include a spoken warning for “what’s coming” (meaning “the answers”) as the FF finally appear on screen at the same time, all of them looking at a blue beam of energy going into the sky, which is also dropping a plane at the same time (look carefully in the middle of the beam).

One last interesting thing of note is the film’s easter egg. Look at 0:45, and you can see Sue at the computer with the numbers “” on the monitor. Adding these numbers to your search bar and pressing Enter brings up a wiki page for Latveria, the country ruled over by Dr. Doom in the comics.

What does any of this mean for the Fantastic Four? Can the film be decent? Leave me a comment or send me a tweet to let me know what you think, and don’t forget to wait until my review of this trailer is posted (coming tomorrow) to see me throw in my two cents.


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