Fan Theories: My Take on the ‘X-Men’ Film Timeline

Posted: February 27, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Settle in people, because this one’s going to be a doozy.

A while ago, I decided to re-watch Bryan Singer’s X-Men trilogy, having just seen Days of Future Past at a friend’s house. While still enjoyable for me, I couldn’t help but reflect on the still existing problem of the timeline for the entire film series. Yes, Days of Future Past erased the bad movies, like X-Men Origins and X-Men: The Last Stand, but they still had to coexist at some point in order for the timeline to make any sense in the first place.

There’s still a ton of questions with seemingly no answers, like: How come Xavier doesn’t remember Wolverine in the original timeline, even though they saw each other in the 1960s? When do the movies take place? Why does Beast worry about the discovery of a mutant cure if he pretty much made one in the 1960s? The timeline created by MTV only helps but so much, and still leaves out a ton of detail, not to mention gets a ton of what dates it has on it wrong (how does X-Men take place in 2005 if both Xavier and Stryker tell Wolverine 15 years passed since he lost his memories, and we saw that happen during the Three Mile Incident in 1979?).

So with that in mind, I started creating my own version of the timeline (which you can download below). I realize a lot of the stuff I put into this timeline may not make sense chronologically, or I may have gotten something wrong with my math/dates/people/events/whatever else can go wrong in a timeline, but keep in mind that I am continually working on this, and things may/will change in the future.

Overall, this document is big and still growing, and more than a little text heavy, which I apologize for. If you end up reading the whole thing and like it, be sure to leave me a comment or send me a tweet with that widget on the left.

Download here: X-Men Timeline Ver. 5.0


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