Daredevil Month: Bullseye vs Captain America

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from wikipedia.org

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. Today’s post is focused again on the unseen aspects of ol’ Hornhead’s career, an unfinished comic book storyline that would have shown (most likely) a ridiculously bad fight between the assassin Bullseye and Marvel’s “First Avenger”, Captain America.

Back in November 2002, Marvel began publishing a limited Daredevil series called Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target. The series, written by Kevin Smith and illustrated by Glenn Fabry, only saw one issue go to print before likely being scrapped (to this day, it hasn’t received an official cancellation notice by Marvel, so who really knows what will happen to the series).

The plot takes place soon after Smith’s Guardian Devil arc, with Matt Murdock still grieving over the death of his former girlfriend, Karen Page, at the hands of Bullseye. We see the man dealing with this by beating the criminal the Owl senseless before doing the same to a punching bag with Bullseye’s picture. Meanwhile, two Middle Eastern men (the issue never gives a specific hint as to where the men are from) knock on the door of a businessman named Roger, who helps them hire an assassin.

A costume-less Bullseye. Image taken from viewaskew.com

The assassin in question turns out to be a costume-less Bullseye (who looks like his 2003 Daredevil actor, Collin Farrell), who proves his readiness to kill by flinging a toothpick through a window and killing a single mother in her apartment. The men hand Bullseye a picture of someone they want dead, to which a shocked Bullseye asks for $20 million for the job. The issue ends with Bullseye drawing his logo on his head with his finger after dipping it in a cocktail.

It sounded like something that could have been pretty well done, had the writing and the artwork stayed consistent throughout production of the book. Still though, one thing that ultimately stands out is that Smith intended the target to be Captain America. Personally, Bullseye vs Captain America doesn’t make sense to me on any level.

Yes, Bullseye has adamantium lanced bones, can fight hand to hand pretty decently, and has legendary aim. But Captain America is a much better combatant, and should he see Bullseye coming, the assassin wouldn’t stand a chance (which we know he would, since Daredevil would likely get word of the hit and warn the captain, Captain America would catch Bullseye himself, etc.). In the end though, it would have been Smith’s book to do as he pleases, and there are still readers out there who would love to get their hands on an issue 2 of this series.

Did I miss anything about The Target? How do you think it could have turned out? Leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the Comic Books vs The World Youtube channel. Keep returning to the blog to enjoy daily content during Daredevil Month!


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