Daredevil Month: Daredevil + Sight = French

Posted: March 19, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from theothermurdockpapers.com

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. Today, I found out that justice is indeed blind…but only sometimes. Sometimes, justice is fully capable of both seeing and dishing out justice, and sometimes, just sometimes, justice is in fact French. What I mean is that Daredevil, Marvel’s premiere blind superhero, was at one point working with SHIELD, who made him a fully sighted Frenchmen named Laurent Levasseur in order to work on a mission for them.

In 1998, Marvel published a four issue run in Daredevil’s comic, titled “Flying Blind”. The story starts with Matt Murdock, at this point known as Laurent Levasseur, waking up in a hospital in Paris with none of his memories and partial eyesight. Levasseur, completely unaware of either one of his other lives, is convinced that he’s an agent working towards some goal, but has no clue who he works for or what he needs to do. Of course, there’s only one SHIELD agent who knows the truth about Levasseur, but he is killed before anyone else can find out about Murdock being in France.

Image taken from marvel.wikia.com

That having been said, Murdock/Levasseur begins feeling that something is out of place; he feels as if he shouldn’t be able to see, and that he needs to roam the streets protecting the innocent. He then makes a new version of his Daredevil costume (see left) and begins fighting crime again. Foggy Nelson, his business partner and friend, goes to France looking for him, while Murdock/Levasseur efforts in France have also attracted the attention of the Kingpin.

While Murdock/Levasseur battles Kingpin’s thugs, both Foggy and SHIELD work on figuring out exactly what happened to Daredevil while he was undercover. Thankfully, Levasseur gains his memories back (although he loses his sight again) and begins planning to return to his former life, as well as his former super heroics, in America as Matt Murdock.

While the idea of a sighted Daredevil isn’t exactly the worst thing to ever happen in the character’s history, it’s not among the best instances either (it’s also not the first time either, as noted by theothermurdockpapers.com). In fact, writer Kevin Smith hated this run to the point that he almost gave up working on any stories involving Red, simply because the man had his vision. Thankfully Smith stayed, because if he hadn’t, the world never would’ve gotten the “Guardian Devil” run.

Is there anything else you felt should’ve been included in this post? Do you think a version of Daredevil with sight would be interesting to have for a longer period of time? Leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the Comic Books vs The World Youtube channel. Keep returning to the blog to enjoy daily content during Daredevil Month!

Image taken from theothermurdockpapers.com


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