Daredevil Month: Daredevil Meets Batman

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from comicbookmovie.com

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. After finally feeling ready to move on from the Ben Affleck film and everything associated with it, I decided to take a look at some of the crossover material DD’s been featured in over the years. Marvel co-published two issues in particular with noted rival DC, using the Dark Knight and Daredevil as protagonists.

The issues, “Eye for an Eye” in 1997 and “King of New York” in 2000, have always captured my attention (chiefly because I used to own copies of them years ago). For now, we’ll be taking a look into what all makes the pairing so interesting to read before moving on to cover the individual issues it was featured in.

The Characters

On the surface, Daredevil and Batman are completely different. One operates in New York, helping lock up criminals in a suit during the day and knocking them unconscious with simple weaponry and super powers at night. The other is a rich billionaire in Gotham City, who pretends to be a simple minded playboy during the day while actually operating as a dark and brooding vigilante at night.

Still though, they have a number of similarities: both suffered extreme loss at young ages (Matt lost both his eyes and his father, Bruce lost his parents to a mugger) that helped to drive them in the future, operate mostly at night, and are somewhat part of a larger team of superheroes (Daredevil with the Avengers, Batman with the Justice League).

Image taken from comicvine.com

Both also have had their goofier moments before becoming darker and edgier, thanks to more innovative and boundary pushing writers. Which leads me to…

Their Villains

Daredevil has had three commonly known villains over the course of his career: the assassin Bullseye, enemy/love interest Elektra, and the Kingpin of Crime. Before you say anything, I’m aware I cheated by adding Elektra on this list, but she sometimes acts as an enemy, so she still counts.

Nonetheless, all three exist to push Daredevil to his absolute limit, in both body and mind. Bullseye and the Kingpin specifically have torn Daredevil’s life apart on more than one occasion. DD has been known to struggle in fights against Elektra, more due to their shared history than with any sort of problems with his fighting abilities.

Batman also has an impressively sized rogues gallery, ranging from Poison Ivy to Mr. Freeze. However, unlike Daredevil, Batman has only one villain truly synonymous with himself: the Joker. Also unlike Daredevil’s villains, the Joker has torn down the Dark Knight far more than comic book audiences have ever seen.

Who Wins?

While both certainly have their strengths and weaknesses, to me, there’s no way it could be any simpler to decide a victor.

Batman certainly has far superior training. He’s the peak of his world’s human potential, with enough brainpower, physical strength, and wonderful toys to hold a space among his world’s greatest heroes. Not only this, but he’s defeated Superman (in non canon stories), as well as the entire Justice League (through a technicality, as seen in the “Tower of Babel” storyline).

Daredevil, lacking Batman’s level of income, has both trained himself and received training that allowed him to become one of his world’s greatest martial artists. Not only this, but he has routinely defeated other superheroes within canon storylines, thanks to his well-developed radar sense.

In the end, with absolutely zero prep time for either hero, Daredevil is the winner in this fight. Batman may have the better training, gadgets, etc. but DD’s radar sense trumps practically everything Batman’s utility belt has. The radar sense also neutralizes the Dark Knight’s unnatural ability to hide within the dark and disorient his opponents during a fight, since DD can and will easily pick out his opponent no matter where they are.

Image taken from comicvine.com

Is there anything you feel I maybe got wrong about either hero? Do you think Batman would defeat Daredevil in a fight? Leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the Comic Books vs The World Youtube channel. Keep returning to the blog to enjoy daily content during Daredevil Month!


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