Daredevil Month: Reviewing Avengers Alliance’s Daredevil

Posted: March 28, 2015 in Comic Book Study, Reviews
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Image taken from marvel.com

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. Yesterday, I mentioned the game Avengers Alliance, as well as a little bit about its version of Daredevil. For anyone who hasn’t played this game yet, go ahead and start, it’s a lot of fun. However, while there are a few passable problem areas with this game, one of the biggest annoyances comes in the form of Hornhead himself.

The Basics

For starters, he’s incredibly weak, especially for a Scrapper. I’m aware you can equip ISO to him and increase his stats, or add him to a well balanced team, or even fix up your own agent to better help DD. Why go through all that trouble though (outside of adding ISO)?

Daredevil in battle. Image taken from marvel.com

Speaking of ISO, there are specific ones that the player can grind/battle for that only Daredevil can use. You would think that these character specific ISOs would be really good, and for a lot of characters they are. For Daredevil though, almost all of his ISOs are garbage.

He has an Assailing Empowered ISO that allows DD to do a follow up attack on certain opponents; Typhlotic Empowered ISO that makes Daredevil’s Radar Sense boost his other attacks; Ragged Augmented ISO that forces opponents to bleed out (i.e. do more damage) when he hits them with a specific move; and the Reckless Augmented ISO that mostly just allows the opponent to do two attacks.

I equipped the Typhlotic ISO to my Daredevil when I first got it some time ago. While it definitely helps make him a better character, it still doesn’t make DD worth having on my team. He dies too quickly, does too little damage, and is overall a boring character to use.

The story mode of the game uses Daredevil a few times, like during Arcade’s Special Operations missions. But he’s still not great, and even new players should have no trouble ever taking down a computer controlled Daredevil.

Heroic Mission

Despite this, Daredevil has his own Heroic Battle (character specific battles in which the player can obtain rare items) in Chapter Two, Mission Two of the game. The battle consists of just your Daredevil and the villain Bullseye, whose attacks can be avoided by using Daredevil’s own (you pretty much have to guess what attacks your opponent will use in order to dodge them though).

Completing this mission will grant you the Typhlotic ISO, which I personally recommend over the Assailing ISO for lower level Daredevils (higher ranked ones can have two Empowered ISO equipped at the same time; lower ones cannot).


Like I said above, the Typhlotic ISO must be unlocked through the Heroic Battle with Bullseye. Also, I mentioned yesterday that a player can unlock Daredevil’s yellow costume through mastering Season Two, Chapter Three. Believe it or not, just that one extra move the costume gives you makes Daredevil not as bad as he used to be.

The move allows Daredevil the chance to counter certain moves while also allowing him a chance to dodge the same move. For me at least, Daredevil counters almost every move thrown at him. With the extra ISO I attached to his new costume, he pretty much hits like a truck too. He’s still fairly weak though, and this chance of dodging is more dependent on luck.

Team Worthy?

Overall though, I don’t recommend this game’s version of Daredevil for your team. He’s incredibly bad and doesn’t even have any team boosting effects (ex. Groot’s passive ability allows him to protect everyone on his team). You’ll most likely have to spend a lot of time and a lot of items protecting DD/keeping him alive.



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