Daredevil Month: Sir Matthew, the Devil

Posted: April 2, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from marvel.wikia.com

Welcome back to Daredevil Month everyone. For today’s multiverse trip, I thought it would be fun to borrow the Fantastick from Captain Benjamin Grimm, Sir Richard Reed, his wife Susan Storm, and her brother Jonathan, and go seek out the balladeer Matthew Murdoch on Earth-311, who is usually more than happy to “play the Devil” in this story.

In the 1602 universe, Matthew was a head strong child, who often claimed to have no fear at anything in his way. Exploring a cave one day, the boy found a bright green and glowing substance dripping from the walls. Naturally, his first reaction was to taste the substance, which he promptly gagged on. After emerging from the cave, Matthew realized that, by eating the green substance, he had dragged the darkness of the cave out with him. He was forever made blind by his actions.

In the present, during issue #1, we see Matthew working openly as a balladeer, singing songs in taverns and presenting himself as a drunken fool. In reality, he is as highly skilled as he is in the 616 universe, showing off impressive acrobatic feats when meeting with Sir Nicholas Fury and Peter Parquagh. Nicholas gives him an assignment: to meet with an old man who claims to have the treasure of the Templars. Murdoch rushes off immediately, assisted in his sea travels by Captain Franklin Nelson.

‘Tis Matthew, the balladeer. Image taken from comicvine.com

Once back on land, Matthew and his teammate Natasha are attacked by European soldiers in issue #3 after asking to buy their horses. Matthew easily dispatches the soldiers and steals their horses, allowing the pair to continue their trip. While crossing a bridge in issue #4, getting closer to the treasure, Matthew is seemingly killed by Natasha, who is actually a double agent for Count Otto the Handsome.

It turns out later in the issue though, that Matthew survived the assassination attempt by Natasha, later arriving to save the old guardian of the Templar treasure. In issue #5, Matthew and the old man are captives of Count Otto, who attempts to pry the secrets of the treasure, seemingly a glowing orb, from the latter. Gaining nothing, they are both locked up in the count’s tower.

In issue #6, Matthew escapes Count Otto’s tower with the old man, while the crew of the Fantastick escape their individual prisons. After the old man uses the real treasure of the Templars, a seemingly ordinary stick, he transforms into Thor and helps everyone escape Otto’s forces. In issue #8, we’re also treated to an old man Daredevil in the future that the Indian Rojhaz (actually a time displaced Captain America) comes from. He, along with every other hero, is presumably put to death by the President for life (who seems to be the Purple Man).

Matthew appears one final time in the series later in issue #8. He travels to the castle of King James, threatening the king from ever tampering in the affairs of Sir Nicholas again. Before leaving, Matthew also warns the man from ever going anywhere Ireland.

Do you think this version of Daredevil works, or should there have been some changes? How do you think this version of Matt Murdock will be able to deal with a man like the Kingpin in this universe? Leave a comment below, follow me on Twitter, and don’t forget to check out the Comic Books vs The World Youtube channel. Keep returning to the blog to enjoy daily content during Daredevil Month!


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