Trailer Breakdowns: The Fantastic Four (2015) Trailer #1

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Comic Book Breakdowns, Reviews
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In case you haven’t been online today, the new trailer for The Fantastic Four was officially released earlier, giving fans a much clearer look into the film’s overall look and feel. The result? A much more action packed trailer that manages to be even more boring and frustrating than the teaser I covered earlier.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer starts with a shot of New York City while Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) is berated for not having produced anything of use with a $6 million budget. Storm remarks that Reed Richards (Miles Teller) will be helping out with his project, later revealed to be interdimensional travel.

At 0:22, we see the first shot of the FF’s headquarters, the Baxter Building, with Reed looking on as he walks through the street. The very next shot shows what we later find out to be the pods everyone sits in being built and tested, notably by Sue Storm (Kate Mara). Sue asks Reed at 0:29 if he wants “to be famous”, to which Reed replies he wants “[his] work to make a difference”. Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) appears at 0:30, helping Reed with the development of the traveling pods.

Image taken from

At 0:32, we finally get our first look at disgruntled hacker Victor Domashev (Toby Kebbell), who is already working to get on everyone’s bad side, starting with saying that Johnny “doesn’t take orders well”. Starting on 0:38, Ben Grimm (Jaimie Bell) gives Reed advice, to which the latter states that he would call in “the muscle” (definitely a not so subtle nod to the future).

After a somewhat humorous scene with Johnny and Victor, Reed and his team travel to another dimension (presumably the Negative Zone) at 1:10. However, they quickly lose people while the group explores the dimension, only for them to return to Earth with their super powers.

Starting from 1:26, we can see each of the Fantastic Four hooked up to lab tables, each one discovering what they can do (Reed stretches at 1:28, Johnny creates an explosion of flame at 1:30, Sue begins to fade from sight at 1:32, and Ben emerges from his rock pile at 1:33).

We get a much better look at Ben’s Thing form at 1:39, who looks very rough and ready for a fight. We also see Sue and Johnny testing her powers in the next shot, while Johnny states that they should help people with their abilities. Again, we hear the “you don’t know what’s coming” speech before, at 1:59, we finally get our first look at the film’s version of Dr. Doom (seen below).

Immediately after, NYC is shown starting to be enveloped in a big bubble, as the trailer spends the rest of its time in various action/reaction shots of the Fantastic Four. I’d go into more detail about this, but a good majority of it is stuff we’ve seen in the other trailer. The only new thing of note is at 2:14, where it looks like Ben has Doom pinned down in the Negative Zone and is ready to throw a punch. The trailer has one last shot of Ben being dropped into action at 2:22, smashing a jeep in the process.

My Thoughts

Just like the last trailer, this one seems to be a random mishmash of action and sci-fi movie cliches, without any regard for the actual team the movie is supposed to be focused on.

This is our new Dr. Doom. Image taken from

This is our new Dr. Doom. Image taken from

For one thing, I still can’t believe I’m watching a trailer for a Fantastic Four movie. Nothing about this makes me think of Marvel’s superhero family; I still feel like one could slap literally any other sci-fi sounding name on this trailer, and it would fit. Granted, Dr. Doom does look way better than the leaked shots we saw earlier, but he still doesn’t look or sound all that cool or interesting. If anything, he feels a lot like a cheap robot, very clunky and almost lifeless looking/sounding.

Like I said above, there’s a lot of action movie cliches, like exploding cars, heavy music, etc. We have a lot of action shots in this trailer, including Ben getting shot at in Thing form, Johnny flying around as the Human Torch, and Sue defending herself from an attack by Johnny. All of it is presented out of context, sure, but it doesn’t exactly feel right for a Fantastic Four movie, in my opinion.

Arguably for me, the best shot is when Victor and Johnny both sort of shrug when asked if they’re capable of traveling to the Negative Zone, with Johnny fiddling with the height adjustor on his chair. It’s a little silly and goofy, but it doesn’t overtake the entire feeling of the scene. This is what the rest of the trailers, if not the whole film, need to have: that sense of fun and family, along with the action and heavy music.

Overall, this trailer is much better than the last one, but not by much. I’m still hoping the editing for these gets better as we get closer to the release date of the film, and that the story isn’t as bleak or dark as these trailers have suggested so far, but I’m not holding my breath.


As a Sci-fi Film: 5.5/10

As a Superhero Film: 1.5/10


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