Quicksilver vs Quicksilver

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from screenrant.com

With Avengers: Age of Ultron being released in American theaters next week, I thought it would be a great time to talk about the “Quicksilver Issue”. You know the one: yet another moment between Fox and Marvel fans, all of whom get together and argue over which Quicksilver is faster, who would win in a fight, etc. But honestly, what’s the point? Both have their good moments and bad ones, based on what we’ve seen so far.

Faster Speedster?

To start off, there’s no way of knowing who’s faster yet. The only clue we honestly have is in this featurette featuring Joss Whedon himself, who states that the MCU Quicksilver is “as fast, or almost as fast, as a bullet”. Going off of this one statement, the MCU version of the character is possibly slower than the Fox version, who we’ve seen run faster than anyone could process.

Yes, the MCU Quicksilver seems slow compared to the Fox version right now, but maybe Marvel is saving the scenes with the character going even faster for the actual film’s release. Also, keep in mind that Joss might be lowballing his version’s speed to keep fans guessing, or reshoots could have happened that made the MCU version faster. Either way, we won’t actually know until May 1st.

Even if the MCU Quicksilver does turn out to be slower though, at least it won’t be like –

Outrunning the Plot

Viewers have constantly poked fun at and complained about Fox’s Quicksilver since the release of Days of Future Past. Why couldn’t he have come along with the rest of the group to deal with Trask and the Sentinels? If anything, Quicksilver could have handled all of their problems by himself. I understand that’s the reason the writers didn’t want the character in the rest of the film, but the excuse they did give was pretty weak.

In contrast, if the MCU Quicksilver is slower, then it’s not like he could be a deus ex machina for any problem. He’d have to rely on others to help deal with Ultron and his army, despite being able to run faster than the other characters can react to. In this regard, I have to say Marvel did the better job with the character. He’s fast, can throw some witty one liners, and seems really cool. Not to say that the Fox version isn’t cool (did you see that kitchen clip?), but maybe he’s too powerful for his movie.

Does it Matter?

In the end though, it really doesn’t matter who’s faster/stronger/cooler/whatever else you want to say. Like I said earlier, both versions of the character look great. They’re fast, really powerful, and give the writers and special effects wizards the chance to play around and try out new things.

Really, we should all just put away the hate and enjoy what we have. It’s not like the MCU Quicksilver can’t get faster, or the Fox Quicksilver can’t get more screen time to do more fun stuff. Just be patient and wait for the good times to roll in.

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