Ron Perlman Calling For Hellboy III (Again)

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Comic Book News
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Remember how we never saw the last chapter in the trilogy of a certain red and grumpy antihero? Well, there’s hope yet. Not too long ago, actor Ron Perlman called out on Twitter for fans to support #HellboyIII, saying “Let’s end the trilogy; we’ve earned it!”.

The previous entries in the franchise, while not necessarily bad films, only made a small amount of money at the box office, finding their true homes (and followings) on the home video market.

Both Perlman and director Guillermo del Toro have expressed interest in creating another Hellboy film for a few years now, although Universal still seems hesitant to greenlight it. Still though, with Perlman asking fans to support the idea yet again, it’s entirely possible that the studio could budge and allow for one last Hellboy movie. Hey, if enough fan clamoring can bring back something like Veronica Mars, or a retcon of the Mandarin’s identity, why couldn’t Perlman find himself back in the makeup chair for part three?

Agree with the idea of seeing Hellboy and the gang back on the big screen? Send me a tweet with that widget to the left, and don’t forget to keep checking the Comic Books vs The World Youtube channel. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing an announcement on there soon…


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