Reviews: Gotham – S.2 Ep.2 (“Knock Knock”)

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Reviews
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Even better than last week’s episode, “Knock Knock” gave audiences a fun look at Gotham City’s new criminal team, the Maniax, as well as shook up a very important relationship in the city’s future.

The Plot

The newly escaped Arkham inmates, now dubbed the Maniax, announce their presence to the world by tossing random, spray painted civilians off the edge of a roof. After a brief power struggle between Jerome and resident cannibal Robert Greenwood, the group engages in a firefight against Jim Gordon and the GCPD, eventually resulting in the death of Maniax member Arthur (silenced by Tabitha to keep him silent on the activities of the group). The Maniax then have Barbara Kean lure Jim away from GCPD headquarters, allowing the rest of the group to slaughter every officer in the building and leave a message warning of things to come.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne attempts to log in to his father’s old computers, found behind the locked door in Wayne Manor’s secret room. Alfred, spooked by the late Thomas Wayne’s bags of blood and bullet proof vest, smashes the computers in order to keep Bruce safe from any harm that might come to him due to whatever data is on the computers. Although Alfred is quickly fired, Bruce brings him back with the promise of Alfred training him to take care of himself. Lucius Fox is then brought in to fix the broken computers.


Much like last week, there were a lot of minor problems scattered throughout this episode. That having been said, there were a lot more praiseworthy moments than last week too, adding up to a much more balanced episode.

Every moment the Maniax are on screen is an enjoyable one. It doesn’t hurt either that the group is pretty much “Jerome and Friends”, since the proto-Joker (being the group’s leader) is front and center for most of the episode, playing an admittedly intense game of Russian Roulette with Robert (seriously, how twisted is it pulling the trigger not once, not twice, but three times on yourself?). He even has a smear of blood resembling his future Joker makeup at one point, in case audiences didn’t know what direction the character is supposed to be going in. Nevertheless, Jerome’s a great character, and I can’t wait to see more of him in later episodes.

I also liked how Harvey Bullock decides to return to the force, especially now that Sarah Essen is dead. I realize the show isn’t exactly like the comics, but a Jim Gordon without either Harvey or Sarah just isn’t a complete character.

Now, on to the bad stuff. The conversation between Alfred and Lucius at the end of the episode took way too long to build up to where it was supposed to. Nobody needed the long, drawn out story before Alfred started asking about trustworthiness. Couldn’t we have just started with him getting to the point? I would have added the fallout/reunion between Bruce and Alfred to this too, but at least that one had more hints towards the former’s eventual Batman identity (the idea of Alfred training Bruce practically screams Batman: Earth One. A great series, by the way, if you haven’t read it yet).

Back with Nygma’s blink-and-you-miss-it scenes, I actually liked the brief moments he was on screen this time around (who knows, maybe his brand of crazy is starting to grow on me). I feel like his taking a bullet towards the end of the episode was a big missed opportunity though, in that he should have been shot in the leg, necessitating the use of a cane in future episodes. Of course, that would’ve been a little on the nose, but I still think it would’ve been fun to see nonetheless.

All in all, while this episode is leagues better than last week’s, I still want to see Season Two pick up the pace just a tad more. Keep up the upwards progression Fox, and you’ll always have me firmly planted in my seat, waiting for the next episode to start.


  1. jesse2007 says:

    This series has not found it’s footing. Its not great, and has a log of cringe worthy moments should have. Everyone is still watching to see if we’ll get some sort of Batman to fix this wrong. This hands down one of the most awkward shows that keeps moving on.


    • I both agree and disagree with your statement. While the series as a whole needs to continue the upward movement I talked about, I feel that Season Two is leaps and bounds ahead of Season One. Watching some of the first season’s episodes on Fox’s website and comparing them to what we’ve seen so far in this season, it’s almost like watching a completely different show. Also, while I’m hopeful the writers won’t have Batman appear in the very last shot, a la Smallville, I’m assuming that’s the most realistic option available. Can’t hurt to hope though.


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