Reviews: The Flash – S.2 Ep.2 (“Flash of Two Worlds”)

Posted: October 14, 2015 in Reviews
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Marking a major improvement over last week’s episode (check out my review of that here), “Flash of Two Worlds” really kicked things into gear for the second season of The Flash by answering some questions and, despite being slightly confusing at times, very enjoyable overall.

The Plot

Starting from where last week’s episode left off, we find misplaced speedster Jay Garrick talking with Barry and Team Flash, telling them about a fight with his Earth 2 rival Zoom that only ended when Garrick was sucked into the suddenly forming singularity and dropped off in Earth 1, his super speed removed. Naturally, Barry has a hard time believing him and demands tests be done to confirm his story. Meanwhile, Zoom arrives through a wormhole, ordering his passenger, a confused Sand Demon, to kill the Flash.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, while Jay undergoes his tests (and after most of Team Flash try to explain the concepts of “Earth 1” and a multiverse to Joe), Dr. Stein shares his concerns about a singularity breach in Central City. Caitlin, finishing the first round of tests, finds inconclusive proof that Jay’s claims are true. Still unconvinced and unsure of Jay’s true motives, Barry orders more tests.

At the police station, Joe is introduced to Officer Patty Spivot, a young female officer eager to join up with Joe’s anti-metahuman team. She is swiftly rejected, although not deterred. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay is locked into a secure vault by a still untrusting Barry, who is quickly summoned to put out a fire. Despite Jay’s urging that he be let out to help deal with Zoom and the Earth 2 metahumans, he is left locked up for the time being. Barry puts out the fire, but is ambushed by Sand Demon, who disappears following a quick fight with the Flash.

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Investigating the scene, Barry is introduced to Officer Spivot, who gives him a sample of “sand” left behind by Sand Demon. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Jay finishes yet another round of tests before angrily confronting Barry about being allowed more involvement with the team. Barry continues to refuse, again forcing Jay back into his vault.

Cisco and Dr. Stein begin working to track the open singularity before Cisco’s power activates once again, forcing him to see the fight between Flash and Sand Demon. Meanwhile, Joe tracks and eventually chases Sand Demon, who is incapacitated by Officer Spivot and quickly incarcerated. Except surprise, they got the wrong guy! The Sand Demon captured by the Central City PD is actually the non-powered Earth 1 version, having been in Gotham during the night of the particle accelerator explosion.

Barry continues having trust issues with Jay, putting him at odds with the rest of Team Flash and prompting Iris to (yet again) talk him down. Meanwhile, after letting the Earth 1 Sand Demon go, Joe and Officer Spivot are attacked by the Earth 2 Speed Demon, with Officer Spivot being taken prisoner to draw out the Flash. After finding out about this, Barry finally allows Jay to help. Jay teaches Barry how to throw lightning from his speed with the intent of turning Sand Demon into glass.

After a pretty short fight (while using Jay as a distraction), Barry defeats Sand Demon, saving Officer Spivot in the process. Officer Spivot reveals to Joe that her determination to be on the task force stems from her past encounter with the Weather Wizard, who killed her father before he received his super powers. The episode ends with (drumroll please) Earth 2 Harrison Wells arriving at his version of S.T.A.R. Labs, credited as “the savior of Central City”.


Like I said before, this episode was a major improvement from the previous episode. Even though it still had a few problems, “Flash of Two Worlds”, complete with tons of references and even a neat tie in, fixed a lot of what was wrong with “The Man who Saved Central City”.

For starters, the special effects were way better this time around. There were a few cringe worthy moments, like when Sand Demon turned to glass, but the effects were very good overall. As usual, the acting was top notch, especially during the confrontations between Barry and Jay and the interactions between Barry and Patty (how awesome is that Monty Python bonding scene?)

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If you love references and easter eggs, then this episode was definitely the one for you. Aside from Oliver Queen’s broadcasted speech as the Green Arrow appearing on the monitors at S.T.A.R. Labs, you have the recreation of the cover on issue 123 of the Flash comic book, the mention of 52 universes (New 52 anyone?), and even a nod to Batman through Earth 1 Sand Demon. I won’t list all of the references here, but trust me when I tell you there’s a ton of them, and they’re all really fun to find.

As far as the negatives go with this episode, they still aren’t as bad as the last episode. Caitlin being infatuated with Jay, so soon after Ronnie disappeared, was a little odd, while Officer Spivot’s out of the blue attraction with Barry seemed a little forced/sudden (take your pick which one). The dialog was also a little off, such as when Officer Spivot was automatically able to deduce that Sand Demon was building a concussive bomb just because she’s a cop. How many of those bombs could she actually have seen? Seems ridiculous, but it’s also a TV show, so I guess it gets a pass.

I’m also a little disappointed with the choice of villain this time around. I’m already used to the idea of having a villain of the week format on the show, but we never get any sort of character development or character building with Sand Demon. He’s just evil because the writers said so. Atom Smasher was developed better, and he was in his episode for roughly the same amount of time as Sand Demon. What gives?

Still though, I loved this episode. It’s one of the reasons I’m glad the CW website lets you watch episodes for free, especially since I’ve seen it twice now (technically three times, since I wanted to fact check for this review). With some minor tweaks, this is the style I want to see future Flash episodes using.



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