Jessica Jones Month: AKA Trailer #1 Review

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Reviews
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Welcome to Day 3 of Jessica Jones Month! After a long and agonizing wait, Netflix has finally released the first full trailer for the upcoming Jessica Jones, and it is amazing. Check it out in all its dark and edgy glory below:

Wow. Just…wow. Even after watching it numerous times, it’s hard to describe exactly how I feel about Jessica Jones. That’s definitely not a bad thing; the darkness, the psychological torture Jessica clearly feels on a daily basis, and even the quick glimpses of the show’s main characters are very exciting to finally see. It’s clearly dark, even (arguably) darker than Daredevil, and while that might alienate some viewers, I don’t see any reason for this show not to be Marvel’s most talked about television property for a long while.

First off, the trailer has a really cool reference to its Alias iteration. During the first few seconds, we see Jessica flinging a man through the glass in her office door, an almost exact recreation of a similar situation in Alias #1. Also, while we knew that the series would be set after her time as the superhero Jewel (also like the comic book), we finally know that the series will definitively take place during Purple Man’s first break out from prison, given the “He’s back!” line from Jessica around the 1:40 mark.


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Speaking of Purple Man, it’s mostly his presence that’s felt during this trailer, but it’s easily the biggest draw of the entire piece. David Tennant’s casting was already a big draw for the Dr. Who crowd, but I guarantee you the general audience will stick around for his downright scary and sadistic performance.

I think the scariest part about the character is that we might not even see that much of him in the show, if the trailer’s any indication. Characters talk about him, while we see glimpses of his shadow during the flashing purple screens (Jessica’s POV during the mind control segments), but he never fully appears on camera until a quick glimpse at the very end of the trailer. Mix it in with quick cuts and that creepy whisper, and it seems like Tennant might have given birth to the MCU’s most terrifying villain yet.

Luke Cage, despite getting his own series next year, seems set to have a big presence in Jessica Jones as well. Mike Colter does a really good job of portraying the inmate turned superhero, and his time spent with Jessica in the trailer is both memorable and a good start with character development. Whoever ends up cast as Iron Fist is going to need to step up their acting game to be a good match for the Power Man. Quick side note, but I have a feeling that Luke’s bar being blown up at around 1:54 will be the catalyst for his setting out into his own series.


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There are also a few quick shots of Carrie Anne-Moss and Rachael Taylor as Jeri Hogarth and Patsy Walker, respectively. Not much to say here, except Patsy will clearly be needing Jessica’s help once Purple Man’s rampage begins.

I really liked the overall tone this trailer sets once all of the elements (music, acting, scenery) finally begin blending together. Is it as hardcore as Alias was? Of course not. But there are sex scenes, there are incredibly dark moments, and we are still watching a show about a woman who was tortured for almost a year. If nothing else before this has, this trailer proved that Jessica Jones will hit all the right elements that the show needs to.



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