Jessica Jones Month: AKA Marriage (Takes Forever)

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Comic Book Study
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Image taken from New Avengers Annual #1, via

Welcome back to day 17 of Jessica Jones Month everyone! It wasn’t that long ago that Jessica and Luke Cage became husband and wife; back in 2006, within the pages of the first New Avengers annual, Jessica finally accepted Luke’s proposal and, much like all superhero marriages, they had to fight their way to the ceremony (despite the fact that none of the events before the marriage had anything to do with the marriage itself).

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.31.13 PM

Image taken from New Avengers Annual #1, via

One day, at Avengers Tower, Jessica furiously arrives with baby Danielle in tow. Despite seeming pretty annoyed and frustrated at everything in general, she spontaneously accepts Luke’s marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Yelena Belova (the second Black Widow) is being revived and returned to her former glory, thanks to A.I.M. and the abilities of the Super-Adaptoid, Belova having been horribly burned after a previous battle.

The mayor of New York is also taking the time to visit the Avengers, at the exact same time Belova decides to attack the super team (what a coincidence!). After a lengthy battle, the Sentry ultimately ends up being the one to defeat her, due to her lack of familiarity with the Void entity driving her to the point of insanity. Before she could spill any secrets, however, Belova is melted into a puddle by her allies.

After all that, Jessica and Luke finally go through their wedding ceremony (they’re even married by Stan Lee). Celebrations are had, and the issue ends with a single panel of the two characters finally being married. So what was the point of literally everything else in this issue?

I’ve always had this problem with a lot of superhero marriages in comic books. You can’t just have a full issue with two characters trying to get married, so it makes sense that the issue would have to have action beats and a continuation of the story it’s set in. However, when the action beats/plot elements don’t really interconnect at all or have anything to do with the actual marriage, what’s the point of having a whole issue devoted to a marriage?

Even if it has Stan Lee in it, why do we need a whole 36 pages for something that could take five, max? Let me know, either in the comments below or with a tweet through that widget on the left. Better yet, like the Comic Books vs The World Facebook page, and subscribe to the official Youtube channel to keep up with all the latest on Comic Books vs The World. Keep coming back for more of Jessica Jones Month!


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