The Walking Dead’s Glenn: He’s Not Dead

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead

So many online rage posts. So many complaints over one particular character. So many debates. All the while, he’s most likely not even hurt.

I’m referring, of course, to The Walking Dead’s Glenn, one of the more popular characters on the show, who was seemingly killed off in the Season 6 episode “Thank You”. You can see his “death” scene below, where Walkers seemingly rip into his chest and devour him alive. Or do they?

It sure looks like Glenn was devoured, driving a great many fans to tears and frustration. Further cementing the idea that he might really be dead came during yesterday’s episode, titled “Now”, in which it was revealed that Glenn never made it back to the rest of the survivors after he became surrounded by Walkers.

However, before fans of the show continue to break down, perhaps they should take a look at the above scene again. You’ll notice that both characters on the dumpster, Glenn and Nicholas, are wearing nearly identical clothing (remember this, as it will be more important later). Nicholas then pulls a gun and commits suicide, sending both characters toppling over the dumpster. Notice how Nicholas’s body is clearly angled to fall right on top of Glenn, as well as how the subsequent shots completely cut him out of frame after they land on the ground.

Yeah, that’s definitely the right place for intestines. Image taken from

Remember what I mentioned earlier about the clothing? Due to the framing of the shot, of course it would look like Glenn is being torn apart when you can’t even see how Nicholas landed on top of Glenn. It has to be some way where his stomach is higher up on Glenn however, since the intestines (i.e. the stuff the Walkers are eating) aren’t located anywhere near the upper ribs/chest, which is where the Walkers are tearing into. Glenn would have to be a mutant for that to actually be him they’re eating.

‘But wait,’ I can hear you saying. ‘Wouldn’t he still be dead being surrounded by all the Walkers? He has nowhere to go!’ To that, I say: have you forgotten about the dumpster? The Walkers could be distracted enough by Nicholas’s dead body for Glenn to sneak under the nearby dumpster and wait. He still wouldn’t be able to go anywhere, on account of the horde of Walkers still surrounding the area, but at least he’d be alive and well.

True, we don’t have hard evidence one way or the other yet, so this is all still technically a fan theory. However, I still think that there’s more evidence pointing to his being alive rather than being dead. So to all you The Walking Dead fans, please hold further tears for another day. You’ll see Glenn come back sooner than you think.

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