Frank Miller Wants to Write a Carrie Kelly Solo Story

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Comic Book News
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With the release of Dark Knight III: Master Race steadily approaching, it’s no surprise that either DC or writer Frank Miller would want to continue to make a profit while the hype is still building strongly for his next Batman title. However, I’m not entirely sold on the premise he talked about yesterday.

Originally revealed to, Miller revealed that he wanted to create an “all ages” detective story for Carrie Kelly, the female Robin in his Dark Knight universe.

I would love to do a series — in fact, I intend to do a series of her and her alone that would be very much like a comic book Nancy Drew series. It would be her detective stories. They would be smaller-sized, they would be designed to that they could be, even though they would be comic books, they would be comic books for children. That’s something I intend to do. Just picture a small figure of Robin on a cover holding a magnifying glass.

Aside from his specifically mentioning “comic books for children”, I see one major flaw with the entire idea: it’s not all that original.

If I haven’t read any other story with a female character in it, I wouldn’t have a problem with this idea. The problem though, is that this extremely basic idea almost copies every other female centered mystery in existence (except with superheroes added to the mix). Granted, everything in existence was inspired by, and will inspire, something else in history, but this is still a bit much, especially when the source material the character came from is not exactly child friendly.

Still, it wouldn’t be the first time something meant for a more mature audience was marketed to younger readers. Either way, I’m curious enough about the possibilities for a story centered entirely around the young female Robin to the point where I’ll at least check out the first issue.

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