Reviews – Captain America: Civil War Trailer #1

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Reviews
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In case you haven’t heard (somehow), the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. There are honestly no words to accurately describe how awesome this trailer is, or how excited I am to watch the movie when it’s finally in theaters next year. Check it out below:

The trailer clearly hits all the right points here, and almost feels like Marvel took notes from fan complaints about Age of Ultron. Truth be told, I can easily see this movie being the “smaller” and “darker” movie Joss Whedon intended the Avengers sequel to be, despite the focus supposedly being on Captain America (it is supposed to be his movie, after all).

I really like how the whole war doesn’t revolve around secret identities this time. Rather, the focus is on the government wanting to capture Bucky, due to his actions as the Winter Soldier, and expanding from there to create the Superhero Registration Act (known in this film as the “Sokovia Accords”, previously teased in an image on Twitter). Despite being someone who leans more towards the purist side of things, I think this is a change for the better, since we never really saw secret identities in the MCU before, and because it plays off the events of The Winter Soldier much better.

We saw a number of the supporting characters, including William Hurt as General (now Secretary of State) “Thunderbolt” Ross, who seems to be leading the charge in taking down rogue superhumans, as well as superheroes like Black Panther, Hawkeye, etc. Sadly, there’s no Spider-Man in this trailer, although that hasn’t exactly canceled out fan speculation and rumors (my favorite are the people claiming that the man jumping on the car during the chase scene at 1:54 is Tom Holland, despite the character clearly being Bucky).

Overall, I love this trailer. Granted, trailers are designed to suck you in and get you pumped for the film in question, but I have a good feeling about this one. It looks like we’ll be getting great action, character development, and really cool comic book moments brought to life. Whose side are you on?



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