Reviews: Jessica Jones – Season 1

Posted: November 27, 2015 in Reviews
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If you follow me on Twitter (which you should, if you don’t already), you’ll notice that I finally got through the first season of Jessica Jones. Yeah, it took me a while to get to the end, but I had a fun time with the show, despite its lack of quality compared to Marvel’s other Netflix show, Daredevil (more on that later).

This first season followed Jessica Jones, a hard drinking, foul mouthed private investigator (played extremely well by Krysten Ritter), as she tried to prove the existence of a man, Kilgrave (David Tennant, without purple makeup), who could say or do anything he wanted without consequence. But trying to prove his existence isn’t easy, as Jones has to contend with her own history with Kilgrave, while also trying to keep him from destroying as many lives as possible. As expected, a lot of people get hurt, some die, and we see much more of that dark and seedy underbelly the MCU began to show earlier in Daredevil.

While props have to go to every single actor on the show for creating believable relationships on screen (the chemistry between Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and Ritter’s Jessica Jones is especially noteworthy), I think the biggest shoutout has to go to David Tennant’s Kilgrave. Not only does Tennant make his character a likable asshole, but he’s a super creepy one to boot. The man oozes sleaze and charm in every scene he’s in, and he easily steals the scene away from the other actors. Unfortunately, this is both a positive and a negative for the show (I’ll expand on this in my spoiler heavy reviews for each episode later on).

However, don’t take all of this as me saying that this is Marvel’s best show yet. I know I mentioned Daredevil a lot in this review, but that’s because I was expecting Jessica Jones to be at least on that show’s level. Thanks to some terrible decisions with plot development, especially in the final episode, I’m sad to say that Jessica Jones ends up below that level. Whether it’s a little below or far below that level, however, is up for individual viewers to decide.

This is, of course, excluding the necessary talk about cameos and references of other MCU characters. Believe it or not, these things were pretty lacking throughout Jessica Jones, far more than the other Marvel shows currently being aired. That’s not to say they aren’t there, but when nobody makes mention of, say, a certain man in a mask in the exact same neighborhood Jones is in, then there might be a problem.


Seriously, where is this guy? Image taken from

Despite its flaws, I still recommend Jessica Jones to anyone who can watch it. It’s fun, has some great characters and action, and really is one of the best Marvel shows out there. Sure, it’s not as good as Daredevil, but it’ll have The Defenders and a second season to help it play catch up. Hopefully, Jessica Jones will also get some better direction too.



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