Trailer Reviews – X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer #1

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Reviews
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The brand new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse was released earlier this morning, and man, is this thing good. The action, the reveals, the characters in costume, almost everything comes together to make an awesome trailer. Notice, however, that I wrote “almost”. There are things in this trailer that seem a bit off, which hopefully will be either fixed or removed entirely by the time the film is released.

First off, I really appreciated the tone this trailer was bringing to the table. It’s dark, it’s ominous, and only becomes slightly derailed by Apocalypse and Mystique (more on that below). The almost prophetic visions Jean Grey has at the beginning also work well, although being the comic book fan that I am, I wound up stuck more on the idea that this may be a hint towards the return of Jean’s Phoenix abilities (which were sadly wasted in the terrible X-Men: The Last Stand film).

The various quick shots of all the mutants, both returning and brand new, are exciting to see because of the idea that bigger and better things are going to come for them, especially the new versions of characters like Nightcrawler and Jubilee (who was shafted into a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in the original films). That having been said, it looks like we’ll have to keep waiting for Cyclops to do anything, since we never see him do much in this trailer except destroy what looks like a bathroom in a school, something he already did a few movies ago.

The action in this trailer is decent, but lacking. Instead, we get some destruction shots and a cool look at James McAvoy in the same outfit as Professor X from X-Men. Makes sense, given their placement in the respective timelines (both of which you can read about, in detail, here). Surprisingly, there’s not a single shot of Wolverine in this trailer. That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, since the franchise has milked the character to death by this point. However, if he does come back, it’ll at least make sense out of where he went in between the events of Days of Future Past and this film, given Mystique’s continued involvement.

Speaking of Mystique, she and Apocalypse stand out as some of the worst parts of this trailer. I’m not against having Jennifer Lawrence having a bigger/more important role in this film, but I do have a problem with her character being a leader of the X-Men after Xavier is seemingly abducted. Who on the team would follow her after the events of First Class and her thick-headedness in Days of Future Past? Only slightly better than her is Apocalypse, otherwise known online as the reincarnation of Ivan Ooze. Even though I don’t really like his design or the voice actor Oscar Isaac is using for the character, I’m giving him a pass for now, since the studio would understandably want to keep the best parts about the character a secret until later.

Probably the worst thing about this trailer is the special effects. Seriously, these are some of the worst CGI effects I’ve seen this year. Remember how I complained about the first episode of season two of The Flash? It’s a lot like that. Starting with Quicksilver in the X-Mansion and ending with the wide destruction shot, the effects seemingly started being worked on with a television budget in mind. That explosion scene seemed to have been hit the hardest by the budget decreasing, as it’s the worst looking shot here.

Overall, despite the flaws peppered throughout the trailer, I still liked it. It gives us a good look at how the new film is going to be, brings back a lot of the characters fans have been dying to see, and does have a few good moments throughout. Is it too much to hope for though that, when the timeline skips forward another ten years, we’ll see Cyclops actually doing leadership stuff?



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