Christmas Week: Santa vs Lobo

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Reviews
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After yesterday’s incredibly goofy, yet awesome, holiday comic book, I absolutely had to dive right in to yet another one. Wouldn’t you know it, the first one I grabbed turned out to be even more insane than the first one. Thanks DC.


Image taken from

Who knew Santa could throw down like that?! Seriously though, DC Santa is awesome. Keep in mind, this is the same universe where the jolly fat man manages to invade Apokolips every year to toss some coal at Darkseid for being naughty. It’s no wonder then that the Easter Bunny decided that one of the toughest bounty hunters in the universe, Lobo himself, would be needed to assassinate Santa. Right off the bat, if you ever wanted to see the Czarnian take orders from a talking rabbit, here’s your chance.

Now, I don’t actually have the issue on hand, but someone did film what I’m led to believe is almost a line for line copy of the comic. Pictures are one thing, but actually seeing this stuff play out on screen makes it even crazier. Enjoy!

What Happened?

The story starts off with the Easter Bunny hiring Lobo to kill Santa. The reason? Jealousy. Apparently, Christmas is too big to compete with, so a number of the other holidays want Santa out of the way so they have a chance at being bigger and better than they are now. Lobo, already having a bone to pick with Santa for never getting anything he asked for, is paid and immediately seeks out Saint Nick.

Arriving at the North Pole, Lobo creates a mass amount of chaos by slaughtering an army of elves wielding machine guns. Again, you can’t make this stuff up. Elves with guns are Santa’s security at the North Pole. They don’t really do much though, as Lobo dispatches them with ease, even taking time to kill the ones in the control room, before moving on to Santa’s throne room.

Turns out, Santa knew all about the plan (thanks to a now testicle-free Easter Bunny), and had been preparing for Lobo’s arrival. He initially tries to trick the bounty hunter with a gift while leveling a Dirty Harry sized gun at his head. Surprise though! Turns out, Lobo was in on Santa’s trick from the start, and managed to shoot him while making it look like he was distracted. Finally, Santa fell.

After easily escaping his cage, the Easter Bunny then celebrates his victory over Santa, cheering that every child will look forward to Easter instead of Christmas. Annoyed, Lobo kills him before breaking the fourth wall and stating his hatred for the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!


Remember how I said the film was “almost” a line for line copy? Well, thanks to the budget, we missed out on a number of cool and weird stuff. Take, for instance, Santa’s gorilla. Does Santa have a gorilla in the original Christmas stories? Does he even really need one? No, but it’s funny to see regardless.


Seriously, look at him. Image taken from


Then there’s the actual fight with Santa. In this film, Santa gets shot. Not bad, but not what you’d expect from a guy who carries a hand cannon on his person just for Lobo types in his house. In the comic, all bets are off. These two brawl like there’s no tomorrow, to the point where Santa keeps fighting after Lobo freaking punches his eye out. Nothing slowed either of them down (well, except death at least).

Overall, the issues I had with this film are at least excusable for budget reasons. Both the source material and the film are inherently silly, and that’s the beauty of them. They’re great parodies of the holidays and holiday specials, they’re both well written (and acted, in the film’s case), and they’re just plain great to see/read. If you’re a Lobo fan, a comic fan, even someone with a sense of humor, watch the movie. You won’t be disappointed.



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