Christmas Week: Deadpool Videos Galore!

Posted: December 24, 2015 in Comic Book News
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So far, we’ve seen some of the craziest Christmas stories comic books have to offer. But now, guess what showed up as a last minute present? If you guessed “Deadpool content”, you’re right! You’re also a cheater, since you clearly looked this up, but that’s beside the point. So many new videos and official pictures for the upcoming film were released today, it’s like a Fox-Men Christmas miracle!

The first video released was of Deadpool himself telling us to go see the movie in IMAX, helpfully illustrating the point with both regular and jumbo sized chimichangas. I really loved how, even though it was clearly a parody of that weird anti-drug PSA with the eggs, it still reminded me of Ghostbusters because of the giant chimichanga. Did anyone else think about that Twinkie line in the first movie? No? Just me? Okay then. Moving on.

In the second video, Deadpool’s friend/sidekick/occasional torture victim Weasel is decorating a pine tree while the Merc with a Mouth recites an NBA themed version of the classic Christmas poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas.” He ends up revealing that another sneak peek of Deadpool will air during the Christmas Day basketball games, while also breaking the fourth wall, leaving Weasel confused about who Deadpool’s talking to (despite the fact that he himself broke the fourth wall a second before that, but whatever).

Finally, the first ever TV spot for the film was released, and it includes a ton of new footage! A better look at the plot, Deadpool’s motivations, and even Colossus speaking are all in the new footage! You can check it out below:

And there you have it, all the new Deadpool videos! I mentioned on Twitter before that I really love the marketing Fox has been going with for Deadpool, and these new videos are no exception, especially the first two. All the new trailers and advertisements have been really funny and creative, to the point where even the ridiculous “teaser for a teaser for the trailer” type of thing studios do all the time nowadays actually comes off as fun and interesting to watch.

We’ve seen this type of thing with other studios and other films, but Deadpool makes it seem innovative and continues to knock it out of the park. So congrats to Fox and Ryan Reynolds for pulling off yet another awesome bit of marketing here.

Deadpool will arrive in theaters on February 12th, 2016.

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