Is This Captain America: Civil War Rumor True?

Posted: December 29, 2015 in Comic Book News
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Yesterday, the folks over at That Hashtag Show dropped a major potential spoiler for Captain America: Civil War that they claim came from someone close to production: Captain America himself dies at the end of the movie. Take a look at their episode below:

Does the rumor hold any water? Personally, I’d love to think so. Not only does would it set up a huge potential plot point for part one of Infinity War (something I’ll cover later today), but we also get to shock the general filmgoing audience into thinking no one is safe onscreen and that anything can happen (sort of the same thinking Drew Barrymore had about her part in Scream). Not only that, but That Hashtag Show has had a more consistent track record with their reveals, as opposed to an organization like Latino Review, where a number of “spoilers” and reviews come from nowadays.

That having been said, it’s also disturbingly likely that this is a mislead from wherever That Hashtag Show got their information. For one thing, the information they presented about Peggy Carter’s funeral can be easily inferred from set photos and interviews. The part about Cap dying and his shield being touched by Bucky and Sam Wilson plays out a lot like the ending of the comic the film is based on, which is something else fans have been crafting rumors for ever since the title of the film was revealed. Keep in mind too that this is big information, and not the sort of thing a secretive company like Marvel would want leaking out to the public. Sadly, it’s entirely possible that someone pieced together rumors, found some set photos to help them prove a point, and then presented it as a spoiler.

Like I said though, I’d love for the rumor to be true. I’d be happy to be proven wrong here, if only to get a truly great, comic accurate ending for potentially the best Captain America movie to date. Not only that, but the general audience would also get a more satisfying ending for an Avenger, rather than just a quick and easy write off.

Seriously, he could’ve dodged that, and we all know it.

Captain America: Civil War will arrive in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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  1. swanpride says:

    I think the original source is Latino review….


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