Deadpool Month: Reviewing Avengers Alliance’s Deadpool

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Character Takeover, Comic Book Study, Reviews
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Welcome back to Deadpool Month guys and gals! You know what’s awesome? Being able to play a game and find a version of yourself in it!


Look, it’s me! Image taken from

Isn’t that awesome?

Yeah, great. But how useful are we in this game?

I like the part where we beat people with our life bar!

Woah guys, one step at a time. First, let’s start with the basics.

Didn’t the guy who normally writes this blog do something like this for Daredevil?



BANG BANG BANG! Image taken from

The Basics

Believe it or not, I’m actually not that bad of a Scrapper right out of the gate. My Health, Attack, Defense, and Accuracy are pretty decent (although I will say, my Evasion’s a tad bit off for some reason). All four of my attacks can be built up to give out a bunch of debuffs to the bad guys, while buffing me up to no end! Stack me with a Guardian Insignia for maximum buffs!

Or use our character specific ISO-8, Savory and Spicy. Basically, one gives us life when we die, the other protects the team and makes enemies bleed when we use our swords (on the attack “Sharp Pointy Things”). You players will have to beat Heroic Battles to have a chance at getting both of them.

Wait, we weren’t making enemies bleed before? With swords?! What kind of bulls#!t is that Playdom?!

Heroic Battle

I get a Heroic Battle too? This game’s got everything!

Close to it. Actually, we team up with Cable and fight the U-Foes.

The U-Foes? Who cares about them?

We do apparently, since we’re scrappin’ with ’em. Yo dawg, I heard you like Scrappers-

No, not again!



Image taken from

Well damn, check me out! Isn’t that costume awesome?!

It looks gray!

…Right…But it also has a bunch of really cool perks too. When we have this suit, we can give other X-Force members on our team candy, and-

Candy? What, do we get a windowless van with this upgrade too?

No! It gives our team the Boon Buster effect for single target attacks. That means we can pretty much increase our strength against anyone with stat boosting effects.

Boon Buster eh? I like the sound of it!

Me too!

Team Worthy?

What do you think? Of course I’m f@#cking team worthy! I’m already super awesome in this game, and now I’ve got the extras to back me up! Sure, I may cost 135 Command Points, but who cares when you can play as me?

Add in the extra 60 points for the X-Force costume, plus whatever they end up charging for our movie costume…

Shut up.



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