Reviews: Spider-Man #1

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Character Takeover, Reviews
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WARNING: Spoilers ahead

This is probably the best Spider-Man comic in a while, right?

And it doesn’t even have Peter in it! 

Not till the end anyway. But you’re right, this is a really good first issue! Back to the basics and everything!

With a few minor problems, of course.


Spider-Man vs Blackheart! Image taken from

The Story

The story is pretty simple in this issue. We start off with Blackheart trying to take over the Earth again. All of the Avengers are beaten, and Miles Morales is the only one left standing.

Flashback time!

Going back a little bit, we see Miles losing out on another potential girlfriend because of his commitments as Spider-Man.

We get a quick glimpse of him punching the Shocker, which is a little bit humorous.

But his parents call because his grades stink!

So he goes to class, only to leave pretty quickly because an explosion is happening down the street. As Spider-Man, Miles saves a bunch of people before we catch back up to the beginning of the issue.

Surprisingly, he manages to win against Blackheart all by himself.

That’s when Peter finally shows up! He looks like he might be ready to fight Miles too!

Our Thoughts

This is classic Spider-Man, no doubt about it. We get to see old-fashioned Spidey problems (classes, girls, family) mixed in with the usual superhero fights and explosions.

The art is fantastic, by the way. Sara Pichelli pulls off great action shots throughout the book. Some of the faces (especially Miles’ reaction shots) look a bit weird, but they’re at least excusable.


Image taken from

Bendis has some pretty good writing in this one too! All of the lines feel natural, and it’s pretty nice to see all of Miles’ friends and family!

But how does he take down Blackheart all by himself? That’s a little weird, considering how he managed to take out the Avengers all at once.

I can’t imagine his venom blast technique is that powerful…

Exactly. It feels more like they did it just to give Miles an early victory.

What’s up with Peter? Why’s he mad at Miles?

Nobody knows! Maybe they’ll tell us next issue, but it would’ve been nice to get even a little clarification now.

Overall though, it’s not a bad introduction to the character’s new series.

Not at all!

You said it! I wouldn’t mind picking up issue two to see how the rest of this plays out.



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