The Captain America: Civil War trailer from the Super Bowl was awesome!

I know! So awesome, in fact, that we have to break it down and look over all the little details in it!

We do?

Check out the spot again!

There’s not a whole lot of new stuff here. A lot of it is either the same from the other trailer, or is just different angles of that old stuff.

True, but we do start things off with Captain America finding his friend Bucky in what looks like a holding/testing facility. Maybe that happens towards the end of the last trailer, when the two of them fight Iron Man?

It’s probably more when Iron Man shoves the elevator doors open at 0:20. Cap and Bucky look like they’re still in the same building.

Iron Man has a new Iron Man watch at 0:10! He stops a bullet with the gauntlet that comes out!

0:24 has a nice look at the rest of Team Cap! Captain America’s shield looks like it got scratched up by the Black Panther (who’s over on Team Iron Man).

How’d he do that?

His suit is vibranium, so he could probably put a mark on the shield. Of course, this might also just a surface scratch on the shield’s paint. Who knows?

Ant-Man looks pretty different in this scene too. He must’ve upgraded his suit so he can be Giant Man.

The helmet looks a little sleeker now, almost as if they redesigned it to better match the one on the Wasp suit from the end scene in Ant-Man.


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Captain America: Civil War will arrive in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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