Trailer Breakdowns: Batman v Superman Trailer #3

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Character Takeover, Comic Book Breakdowns
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Seriously, that was awesome!

Why does this one have to be the last trailer? They could easily go ahead with one or two more, and no one would complain.

We have to break this thing apart and pick out all the cool facts now, right?


Before Warner Bros. takes it down!

I really like how we get more of a look at what Batman does in costume. Clearly, the marketing for this movie hasn’t hyped him up enough yet, but I’m actually glad most of it focused on him this time around.

I loved how he just came up out of the floor and beat those guys up!

The fighting definitely looks a lot more brutal this time around, that’s for sure. Then it turns into a bunch of footage we’ve already seen before, with Superman flying and fighting Zod-

-Batman as Bruce Wayne scowling at the sky-

-And Superman getting hit by the Batmobile!

To be fair though, that last one is extended a little. The Batmobile crashes out of a brick wall before crashing into Superman.

Batman’s reaction seemed like it was either on accident, or like Superman was waiting for him. Given that the clip with Superman warning him to quit looks like it’s part of this shot, I’d say Batman was ambushed.

Then we jump back into footage we’ve already seen! Nothing new to add, except a couple extra shots of Superman fighting Batman in the rain, Clark loosening his tie, and Bruce Wayne getting into the black car we saw at the museum scene in the second trailer!

The next shot though…

Clark and Lois seem like they’ve been getting along rather well since the last movie.

Then Batman flings a Batarang into a guy’s hand at 1:25!

Looks like the fight scene from the beginning of the trailer.

The next shot, firing that gun at Superman while he’s in that Bat armor, is probably the grenade gun they showed a while ago.


Image taken from

Then it’s back to mostly shots we’ve already seen! Just a few extra bits of Batman and Superman fighting each other!

But then we fade in to Bruce Wayne talking with Wonder Woman!

It’s really flirty!

She can really jump in that next shot too, huh?

Then it’s back to Lois struggling in water at 1:43 before cutting to more of that Batman fight scene from the beginning of the trailer.

Then it’s back to mostly shots we’ve already seen!

They did put that shot of Darkseid’s Omega symbol from the promo pictures in the trailer though.

And that last shot, with Batman catching a hit from Superman. So awesome!

So, turns out there’s not a whole lot of new footage in this trailer. But what is there is really awesome!

You said it!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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