Why is the Deadpool Marketing So Effective?

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Character Takeover, Comic Book Breakdowns
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Why are we supposed to be the ones explaining this?

Because, we’re only here for another day or so. Plus the occasional guest appearance from time to time, but that’s beside the point.

What are we talking about?

The marketing for the Deadpool movie and why it’s so amazing for everyone.

People really seem to like it!

I know! I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s nothing they’ve really seen before. Every other movie does literally the same thing over and over again for their marketing. Just the same generic trailers, Inception “Bwah” noises, and tons of stuff to sell.


Don’t we have stuff to sell too though?

Well yeah, but that’s because I gots to get paid.


Plus, we’re funny! People get to see that now, so they get us. That’s why the marketeing works.

I thought it was because we were already popular to begin with!

We were?

I thought a lot of people thought we were annoying.

We’ve been super popular for years! Then the Internet happened, and people loved us more! We’re like the face of online stuff!

I was under the impression that people were finally glad to see Fox doing something that the fans wanted, and doing it correctly for once.

You’re talking about our X-Men: Origins role, right?

Could I be talking about anything else?

Ew! Glad we’re done with that!

Fans have been clamoring for years to see us done correctly on the big screen. Fox had one job in 2009, and they f*@ked it all up.

I thought the job was giving Wolverine a good movie!

Just tack that on to my point. Same thing really. What I’m saying is we finally have the full package here: humor, great costume, good actor for the role. It’s a deadly combination.

Like beans and gassy people!

Maybe it’s a combination of all three things then? Some people seeing the movie may have liked us before, some might like how we’re the first almost comic-accurate version of a character Fox ever did, and some might like us because we’re fun and interesting.


I’ll buy that. Better ask the readers though. They’ll figure it out better than we can, I’m sure.

Deadpool will arrive in theaters on February 12, 2016.

What’s the main reason why you like the Deadpool marketing? Let me know in the comments below, or with a tweet through that widget on the left. While you’re at it, like the Comic Books vs The World Facebook page, subscribe to the official Youtube channel, and follow the official Comic Books vs The World Instagram to keep up with all the latest on Comic Books vs The World.


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