How to Make Transformers 5 Good

Posted: February 12, 2016 in Character Takeover, Comic Book Breakdowns
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Paramount just announced release dates for Transformers 5, 6, and 7!



Loud noises!

Let’s look at the positives at least. They could make this a much better trilogy by getting into all the Unicron stuff.


Let’s find out!

Transformers 5

Remember how the last movie ended with Optimus Prime going into space with that Seed thing?

Well, what if he got caught looking for his creator, and the Autobots sent someone after him?

Like who?

Nightbeat maybe?


Image taken from

Putting a different spin on the Transformers and making it a smaller scale action/mystery movie, instead of the dumb “everything explodes” thing Michael Bay does in every single movie he’s ever done, could bring in viewers turned off by the other Transformers movies.

What would he do?

Search for Optimus! He’d have been hired by the Autobots on Earth to go looking for Prime because he’s one of the best detectives in the universe.

Like Batman?

Exactly. All his clues end up leading him all across the universe to different destroyed planets (he can meet different Autobots we haven’t seen yet too, like Hot Rod, Springer, and Ultra Magnus) before he finds the mostly empty Quintessa. After landing there, he gets captured by Sharkticons and locked up with Optimus and another Transformer.

The other prisoner would have to reveal that his planet was one of the ones destroyed by something called Unicron, a planet eater attracted to Energon and Transformers. Then he’d say something about how the things living on Quintessa, the Quintessons, aren’t the real creators of the Transformers, like Optimus thought.

But then he’s killed by the Sharkticons!

In a weird kangaroo court, yeah. Optimus and Nightbeat almost go through the same thing, but they manage to fight their way out.

But on the way off planet, while they’re getting chased by the Quintessons, Optimus is running low on energy. He ends up having to use a planet he finds in that age old “gravity slingshot” thing space movies use a lot to escape. On the way back to Earth, Optimus and Nightbeat talk about Unicron, and how they need to warn the Autobots, in case it ever comes to Earth.

And the after-credits scene has to be about the planet Optimus used as a slingshot suddenly lighting up and drifting in the direction Optimus and Nightbeat were headed.

That sounds awesome!

Transformers 5 will arrive in theaters June 23, 2017.

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