French Magazine Potentially Confirms Big Batman v Superman Rumors

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Comic Book News
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WARNING: Major (potential) spoilers ahead

Ever since it was first announced, there’s been a lot of speculation over what exactly is going on with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Recently, a few scans of an issue of the French film magazine Series Cine Saga appeared via Twitter, showing off the alleged full list of cast and characters to appear in the upcoming DC film. If this information is true, then be prepared for a huge amount of rumors and secrets to finally be confirmed about this movie.

First, here’s the original tweet:

Right off the bat (pun intended), you’ll notice that the scan confirms Jena Malone’s role as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, as well as Scoot McNairy’s rumored Jimmy Olsen role (although, as Screenrant mentions, other rumors have contradicted this before), and that Jared Leto’s Joker will be appearing in a flashback. Should this be true, we might be seeing either a flashback to the Killing Joke storyline or a look at Jason Todd’s murder at the hands of the Clown Prince of Crime. Looking more towards the left, you can see that Callan Mulvey is also listed as playing Anatoli Knyazev, aka the KGBeast. Given that he’s rumored to work for LexCorp in the film, is a fight between he and Batman out of the question?

What’s even more interesting is the list of confirmed Justice League members in the cast. Ray Fisher, who will be playing Victor Stone/Cyborg, and Ezra Miller, who will be playing Barry Allen/the Flash, are both confirmed by the scan to have cameos in the upcoming film. Actor Dan Amboyer, who was recently confirmed to be in the film as Lt. Christie, is also listed in the cast here, and is possibly playing the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.

French Magazine Scan

Image taken from

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will arrive in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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