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Posted: February 15, 2016 in Character Takeover, Reviews
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As you know, this website was taken over for a month by Wade Wilson (the “Merc with a Mouth”) himself, who covered random bits of comic book news/facts in his own…peculiar way, leading up to the release of the Deadpool film. Despite having only been gone for roughly a day, Wade is already apparently not fond of the fact that I only recently got around to seeing Deadpool, and decided to write me (and all of my readers, aka you) the following letter:

Dear Comic Book Nerd,

What the absolute f*#k is your problem? I finally get a decent movie appearance after one of the worst attempts at comic book fandom to date, and you can’t even be bothered to review it yet? Don’t you run a website for this sort of thing? I’m guessing there weren’t enough cheap costumes or terrible green CGI to keep you interested? Or maybe you need a solid kick in the nuts to get the ball rolling on these types of things? In that case, consider this letter a freshly spit shined, steel toed, athletic kick in the aforementioned junk.

After all, everyone needs to know how awesome I finally am! The action? On point! Where else are you going to see heads exploding, @!$holes getting shot, and regular slicing and dicing happening with my trusty swords, Bea and Arthur? The acting? Even better! Everyone in this movie was so natural and fresh, like they just stepped out of one of those fields on the laundry detergent bottles. Plus, we finally get a decent Ryan Reynolds performance, so what does that tell you? Seriously though, I loved Reynolds in this movie. He’s the only person who can do me justice. Plus he’s totally naked in this movie. You’re welcome, any ladies who happen to be on this site at the moment (because c’mon, we all know you can’t resist putting this on your website).

That’s not even getting to the best part: the references. Because it’s all about the reference love, and ol’ Deadpool has a lot to go around. We brought in Stan Lee, Rob Liefeld (look for the guy who loves pouches and drawing man boobs, can’t miss him), James McAvoy, and Daredevil, and that’s just in the first few minutes! There’s so much going on, we actually cut out a ton of jokes! Think they’ll be on the DVD? Think again you cheap f*#kers, because I’m saving that goodness for the Blu-Ray (out whenever I decide to release it, because I said so).

Plus, you’ve already seen the movie, so you know there’s nothing bad about it. Everything’s a 10/10! “But wah,” I can hear some of your readers saying, “there’s too much of the bridge scene in the marketing! The whole movie must just be that scene from the first Fantastic Four on loop!” First off, f*#k you for making me think about Fox’s disaster franchise again, because that whole thing is an awful mess. Second, there’s actually other stuff going on besides one really bad-@!$ fight scene. Didn’t you read what I wrote up top?

All in all, go see my movie again. It’s awesome, the actors/sets/special effects are awesome, and I need more money for Deadpool 2. Plus, I know where you live. Don’t make me come a knockin’.

With love,


Fine Wade, we get it. The movie was good, and we should all see it at least once. Happy now?

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