Fan Theories: Dr. Jason Wilkes is the Blue Marvel

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Comic Book Study
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NOTE: This is just a fan theory. Nothing I discuss has been confirmed or denied. All opinions are my own. Spoilers will follow.

Who is Dr. Jason Wilkes? This is a question that’s been pressing on my mind for some time now, given that he’s seemed very familiar ever since he first appeared on screen in the beginning of the second season of Agent Carter. However, it wasn’t until the explosion at Isodyne Energy in episode 2 that I finally managed to place a name to the face: Jason Wilkes is actually Adam Brashear, otherwise known as the Blue Marvel.


Blue Marvel vs Hyperion. Image taken from

Don’t just take my word for it, especially when the show gives us a ton of evidence to go off of.

1. Know Thy Enemy

First, let’s take a look at Agent Carter‘s version of Whitney Frost. In the comics, Frost is actually the woman behind the villanous persona Madame Masque, an enemy/lover of Iron Man. While it doesn’t necessarily matter that Marvel decided to make her a villain in the 1940s (her adventures place her in the modern day with the rest of the superhero community), what does matter is her wildly changed backstory.


This is a lie! Image taken from

In the comics, Frost has no abilities, but does wear a mask to cover her damaged face after a chemical accident. Interestingly, the Agent Carter showrunners have already stated (in an interview with IGN) that viewers will absolutely not be seeing Frost wearing the golden mask. Here’s the statement from producer Michelle Fazekas.

You’re not going to see her in a gold mask, but it’s not like you’re not going to see something.

How does the Blue Marvel fit into this? As it stands now, Frost has a lot in common with Blue Marvel’s villain, Anti-Man, such as:

  1. Both characters share a connection, and abilities, with their adversaries.
  2. Blue Marvel once defeated Anti-Man by draining his energy, similar to how Dr. Wilkes drained some Zero Matter from Frost.
  3. Both Anti-Man and Frost have some history with prejudice (Anti-Man despises racism in any form, having seen what it does to his friend, while Frost grew up in a society that looked down on independent thinking and intelligent females).

Of course, this is all just side pieces of information, since the real clue is in:

2. Know Thy Self

Believe it or not, Wilkes and Brashear share a lot in common.

  1. Both are geniuses tapping into otherworldly forces.
  2. Both share history with their villains.
  3. Both are caught in an explosion involving the otherwordly force they are experimenting on.

Wilkes also dissolved into energy after the accidental Zero Matter explosion and continually faded in and out of our plane of existance, similar to how Anti-Man’s body would behave after his accidental exposure to anti-matter energy.

The biggest difference is in the forces being experimented on. Brashear in the comics experimented with accessing the Negative Zone, intending to use the Zone’s anti-matter to create a source of clean energy. Given that the Negative Zone is still owned by Fox, along with the rest of the Fantastic Four properties, it makes sense that the version of Brashear on the show would use Darkforce instead, a similar otherworldly energy that Marvel hasn’t really played with yet in any of their on screen properties.

Agent Carter airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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