Deadpool Writers Reveal Hopes/Ideas for Sequel

Posted: February 18, 2016 in Comic Book News
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Just in case you haven’t heard, Deadpool is a massive hit at the box office right now, and Fox has already green lit a sequel. Despite an interesting (and hilarious) end-credits scene, we didn’t know much about the next chapter of Wade Wilson’s life. That is, until now.

Collider recently spoke with writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, both of whom worked on Deadpool and will work on the sequel,  and they revealed a plethora of new information. For instance, Reese stated the following about Deadpool 2‘s direction, and the inclusion of Cable:

I think there’s a real conceptual difference between taking other characters and big things and bringing them into Deadpool’s reasonably small, gritty world and the opposite, taking Deadpool and placing him among big ensembles who are fighting aliens or in the future where he and Cable are doing something in the future.

I think if Cable and Deadpool team up, it will likely be in Deadpool’s world. That allows us to control that budgetary thing a little more; I don’t think we’re gonna see Deadpool and Cable on some far-flung planet 300 years from now because I just feel like that’s gonna be expensive, A, and will also take away from the relatability of Deadpool. I think at this stage in the game it’s about taking other people and dropping them into this reasonably insular, gritty, urban, dark world of Deadpool.


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Aside from Cable, the writers also revealed that they have been sorting through all of the (legal) options available to them for use in Deadpool 2:

It’s a legal list but it’s also a creative list, because X-Men: Apocalypse has plans, they have plans for future X-Men movies, and we also have timeline issues. We have actors who are now playing the parts who are a younger generation, we have the older actors—where does Deadpool’s timeline fit in with the others? These are all things that Simon Kinberg worries about for the moment instead of us. Colossus was easy to do because he’s chrome and there was no live-action actor playing him, Negasonic was easy to do because she’s a very minor character, but if you start talking about Professor X or Beast you do start running into timeline issues and we’re gonna need guidelines on that.

Don’t worry guys, I still have my version of the X-Men timeline available for download right here if you need help. You’re more than welcome to use it (don’t forget to throw some credit my way if you do!).

Speaking of Deadpool’s future, Reese also speaks about the possibilities for Deadpool being in a PG-13 film (personally, I agree with the idea that the character would get “frustrated” with the new limitations), as well as shoots down the idea of having a much larger budget for the sequel than the previous film had. However, Collider does mention that this particular interview took place before Deadpool‘s opening (and massive box-office draw), so who knows what will happen in that regard?

Deadpool is in theaters now, and you can also check out the (rather mean spirited) letter/review Deadpool himself sent to me here.

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