Top 6 Most Ridiculous Green Arrow Trick Arrows

Posted: March 1, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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Both Arrow and Stephen Amell have tried really hard to prove to the general public that Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is actually a cool and interesting superhero, and (for the most part) they’ve succeeded. However, thanks to both the show and the actor, those who have been aware of the character since before his inclusion in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are probably reminded every Wednesday of Ollie’s more “interesting” choices in arrows in the comics.

Believe it or not, the Boxing Glove Arrow is actually the least ridiculous trick arrow Green Arrow has toted around in his quiver. Some of the much worse arrows the character has been known to use before include:

1. Fountain Pen Arrow


Image via

“Quick Speedy, some criminals are getting away! I know, I’ll fire a comically large pen with a hook in it at their car so we can follow the ink trail from the pen!” Who in the world would come up with that? On top of how utterly stupid the rest of the issue was, World’s Finest #98 established that the streets in the 1950s were made out of paper, or some other surface where a fountain pen would easily be able to produce a line of ink. There’s literally no other way to explain this.

2. Atomic Warhead Arrow


Image via

Man, Oliver Queen sure isn’t screwing around! The guy just calmly carries around a bomb in a quiver full of other arrows. Imagine if, in the heat of battle, Ollie’s reaching for just a regular arrow, but accidentally grabs and fires off this bad boy! I just have a couple of questions though: when did he ever think he was going to need a freaking nuclear weapon stuck to the front of an arrow shaft, and where did he think he would shoot it from without getting caught in the explosion?

3. Baby Rattle Arrow


Image via

Olliver Queen, being the stand up guy he is, decided at one point to let a camp full of little kids pitch him trick arrows that they made themselves, because trusting kids with devices that save your life on a regular basis is always the smart choice. One such arrow, the Baby Rattle Arrow, was thought up as a way to keep kids calm and distracted during an emergency situation. Oliver instead uses it as a rattlesnake sounding decoy to lure a criminal out of his hiding spot, which actually makes a lot more sense than its original intended use.

I was almost willing to let this one slide, but two things cemented the Baby Rattle Arrow’s place on this list: It looks like the camper who made it literally just tied an old baby rattle to a stick, and even though Ollie himself didn’t sit down and plan this one out, the grown man writing his comic book did. That in itself is ridiculous enough.

4. Two Way Radio Arrow


Image taken from

Let’s follow the train of thought presented here for a moment. Green Arrow and Speedy find some people trapped after a car crash, and they want to help the people get to safety. Makes sense so far right? G.A. and Speedy decide to try communicating with the trapped people. So what do they do? Attach a radio to an arrow shaft and hope it doesn’t break when it eventually lands on the ground, that’s what! Wouldn’t sensitive electronics be the last thing you’d want to put on an arrow?

Then again, this is the same man who stuck a nuclear device to an arrow once, so I guess I can’t be too surprised.

5. Balloon Arrow


Image via

Okay, so I’m taking two panels from the same issue (this came towards the end of Green Arrow’s adventures with the Fountain Pen Arrow), but it’s too ridiculous to leave out. Apparently, Green Arrow and Speedy run around with balloons on the front of arrow shafts that they can manipulate to look like anything they want. I’m honestly not sure what’s worse: the fact that these two actually thought of something like this, or that it actually worked in the above situation.

6. Fake Cat + Whistle Arrows

This…I have no words for this.

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