Why Stephen Lang Should Be Cable in Deadpool 2

Posted: March 7, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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With Deadpool still destroying box office records and earning (well deserved) staggering amounts of money, it’s easy for studio 20th Century Fox to start looking to the future and begin planning on who/what they want for the film’s currently untitled sequel. Chief among these desires is the inclusion of Cable, the future son of Scott Summers and famously a teammate of Deadpool’s a few years ago. While there are a good number of candidates who could be considered for the role, my money’s on the one and only Stephen Lang.

Just look at him! The man was practically born to play Cable! However, if you’re still on the fence, then just take a look at the list I’ve provided below:

1. He really wants the role

If there’s one thing anyone can be sure of, it’s that Stephen Lang really wants to be Cable. For years now, the man has gone through interviews, posted on Twitter, and done literally everything else you can possibly imagine to convince people that he is the only person who can play the role. Probably the best proof is the above tweet, something he posted soon after Deadpool was released. He already has the motivation and the drive to hit the gym in preparation for playing Cable, and he hasn’t even actually been cast yet. What does that tell you?

2. The man is a chameleon

Out of curiousity, have you seen Tombstone before? If so, then I’m sure you remember the cowardly Ike Clanton:

However, did you also know that the same man who played Ike is also the man who played the villainous Colonel Quaritch in Avatar?

Yes, both of these characters were played by Stephen Lang. Just look at how naturally he blends into his role. No matter the character, no matter the backstory/motivation/personality/anything you can imagine, Lang can and will pull it off on camera, and make it convincing at the same time.

3. He’s played Cable-esque characters before

Lang is certainly no stranger to Cable like roles, having played characters similar to the role in the past. He has played both Colonel Quaritch in Avatar, as well as Commander Nathaniel Taylor in Terra Nova, two roles that perfectly capture the more serious side of Cable (while also earning him high amounts of praise from critics and audiences).

4. He’d be the perfect foil to Ryan Reynolds

When paired up with the fast talking and hyperactive Deadpool, Cable has been known to be the “straight man” of the two, perfectly at home providing a more serious and action heavy tone, as well as quipping dryly and sarcastically with Deadpool. The role needs a man who can pull off this dual type personality, while also not being overshadowed by Ryan Reynolds’ commanding presence as Wade Wilson. Given Lang’s acting abilities and presence on screen in similar roles, I can’t see his version of Cable having any problems keeping up with the Merc with a Mouth.

5. Have you not seen him yet?

Seriously, look at him. The fan art he retweets just keeps showing how amazing it would be to see him play Cable on the big screen.

Deadpool is in theaters now, and you can also check out the (rather mean spirited) letter/review Deadpool himself sent to me here.

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