Top 4 Things About Spider-Man Revealed by the Civil War Trailer

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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In case you somehow haven’t heard, Marvel basically just mic dropped the Internet today by including their new Spider-Man in the final Captain America: Civil War trailer (it was glorious, I highly recommend watching it again). But how much do we really know about this new Spider-Man? As it turns out, a lot actually. Here are the top four things we learned about Spider-Man through the latest trailer for Captain America: Civil War:

1. Mechanical webshooters are back

Although it’s been heavily discussed for a while, no one really had any firm clues on whether or not this version of Spider-Man would be using his traditional web shooters. However, thanks to a split second shot in today’s trailer (at 2:16), we finally have on screen proof that Tom Holland will actually have web shooters on his wrists! If you look at the pose at the very end of the trailer, you can even see web cartridges on his belt!

2. There is no Iron Spider suit

It’s been said in previous interviews that Spider-Man would start off in a simple costume that he could realistically design with minimal money/equipment, then get a more advanced costume once he joins a side in the Civil War. Despite the hopes of many fans that this advanced costume would be the Iron Spider suit brought to life, we can safely assume that this is not the case.

Take a serious look at the costume at the end of the trailer. Moving eyes, a nicely detailed web design printed into the fabric, all on something clearly meant for the user to wear into a fight? No way a poor kid from Queens would be able to throw together something like this on his own. Thus, this is the final suit Spider-Man winds up with in the film.

3. Spidey can move his eyes

In the comics, Spider-Man often had very expressive eyes on his mask (despite the eyes being nothing more than regular lenses). The previous film versions of the character, however, have mostly stuck with non expressive, non moving lenses. However, the MCU revealed a way around this simple problem: cameras!

Go back to 2:20 and listen to the sound his eyes make when they squint. Sounds a lot like a camera zoom, doesn’t it? This new eye function also would make sense on a character level, since Peter (being the shutterbug he is) could use his mask to take pictures for ol’ J. Jonah Jameson, rather than attempt to carry around (and constantly risk breaking) a camera.


4. The costume is inspired by the classics

Ever since it was first announced that he would appear in Civil War, it has been a hotly contested topic on which version of the costume Spider-Man would wear. Although it doesn’t look exactly the same, even the quickest of glances let’s you know that Marvel was inspired by the classics when designing their Spider-Man’s costume. Check out the below image on Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man design, then refer back to the new trailer. Notice anything familiar?

Captain America: Civil War will arrive in theaters on May 6th, 2016.

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