Batman/Superman Month: Top 5 Batman vs Superman Moments (On Screen)

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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Welcome to the start of Batman/Superman Month everyone! In honor of Batman v Superman‘s release, as well as the box office records it’s broken since its initial release date, I’ll be posting daily content on all of the Comic Books vs The World media outlets about everything related to Gotham’s Dark Knight and Metropolis’ Man of Steel.

To kick things off, let’s take a look at my personal top five Batman vs Superman moments on screen, such as:

1. World’s Finest (Superman: The Animated Series)

For young adult comic book fans today, there was really nothing quite like the cartoons of the 1990s through the early 2000s, especially when they had superheroes teaming up. Case in point: the episode “World’s Finest” from the 1990s Superman: The Animated Series. Originally broadcast as a three part episode (later rereleased as a single movie), this storyline focused on Superman’s first run in with the Dark Knight, where Batman not only judo flips him in their first encounter, but also follows him home and learns Superman’s secret identity. Touché indeed.

2. Anti-Establishment Batman vs Government Owned Superman (The Dark Knight Returns)

Ever since the idea of superheroes first came into existence, people have been trying to figure out who would manage to defeat who in a fight. One of the more contested matchups? Superman vs Batman. Writer/artist Frank Miller offered his own take on this fight in his 1986 graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, which was later (beautifully) adapted to the small screen as a direct to DVD feature. Not much else to say about this one, except sit back and enjoy the brawl.

3. The Batman/Superman Story (The Batman)

It’s always been interesting watching a bloodlusted Superman try to fight a still level headed Batman, and this two part episode of The Batman was no exception. After Lex Luthor captures Superman and mind controls the Man of Steel with kryptonite laced mind spores from Poison Ivy, it’s up to Batman to break Luthor’s control and keep out of Superman’s way until the spores wear off. While it’s fun seeing Batman try to use everything at his disposal to keep Superman at bay, it’s even more enjoyable knowing that almost all of the original Superman: The Animated Series voice cast came back to reprise their roles.

4. Battle of the Superheroes (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold will always be known for its large amount of comic book references in every episode, with (arguably) one of the best taking place during Batman’s fight against a Superman driven mad by red kryptonite. Wearing the armor from The Dark Knight Returns, Batman uses every gadget at his disposal to fend off Superman until the effects of the kryptonite expire. It’s fun, recreates a few of the panels from the original graphic novel, and definitely ups the quality of the rest of the episode.

5. The Call (Batman Beyond)

This is one of the shortest fights between the Dark Knight and the Last Son of Krypton, but by no means the worst. After the titular Batman of the series, Terry McGinnis, discovers that Superman is a traitor to the future Justice League (thanks to the Starro alien that had been controlling his mind for years), he has to think fast and try to stop Superman from either killing him or controlling him with another Starro alien. The ending and the length of the fight leave a little to be desired, but it’s still fun watching McGinnis think on his feet and actually managing to stop Superman (spoiler alert).

What do you think was the best on-screen Batman vs Superman fight ever? Let me know in the comments below, or with a tweet through that widget on the left. Don’t forget to also like the Comic Books vs The World Facebook page, subscribe to the official Youtube channel, and follow the official Comic Books vs The World Instagram to keep up with all the latest on Comic Books vs The World. Be sure to keep coming back for more Batman/Superman Month!


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