Batman/Superman Month: Why Batman Would Destroy Superman

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns, Comic Book Study
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NOTE: This is one of a two-part post on Batman fighting Superman, and why Batman would win any of those fights. If you want to see the reasons why Superman would win, click here.

Welcome back to Batman/Superman Month everyone! For today’s two-part post, I thought it’d be fun to examine both Batman and Superman as fighters, and explain the reasons why each one stands a pretty good chance of winning in a serious fight.

It’s very easy to see why Batman could wipe the floor with Superman in any given fight. For one thing, he’s been developing anti-Justice League plans for years, including thick dossiers on how to defeat Superman. By now, it’d be near impossible for Superman to think up all the different plans and strategies Batman devised and plan around each one of those things for a one on one fight (assuming, of course, that Superman is well informed of the fight beforehand, and actually decides to get prepared).


Because Superman always gets prepared when he absolutely knows a fight’s about to happen… Image via

Batman’s habit of using specialized gadgets would especially come into play when in a fight against Superman. During the fight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Dark Knight had guns, strength enhancing devices (which I’ll get into further detail about below), and lead based smoke grenades to help get around Superman’s abilities and level the playing field. Other comics have shown Batman also using a city’s power supply, bombs, the ever famous kryptonite, and a variety of other gadgets to help put Superman in his place.

Despite what a number of Superman fans might think, the Man of Steel does absolutely have limits and can absolutely be beaten to the brink of, or even to, death, if you hit him hard enough. So naturally, Batman’s taken to using a number of power suits in fights against Superman where he means business, all of which boost his physical abilities to rival that of his opponent. Two of the better known examples are the famous The Dark Knight Returns suit:


Image via

And my personal favorite, the Scott Snyder “Justice Buster” suit:

Unlike the previous suit of the 1980s (that functioned mostly as basic power enhancing armor with Batman gadgets thrown in), this thing had everything a Man of Steel opponent would need. Kryptonite capsules near the mouth so you could spit it in his face. Miniaturized red suns in the knuckles to beat Superman with. Options to counteract heat vision and freeze breath. And it was one tough piece of machinery to boot.

If all else fails, Batman could also just get ahold of a magical item and use that. Superman isn’t super resistant to magic like he is to almost everything else, so Batman could absolutely get something magic from one of the many people in the DC Universe with magical items, then use that item on Superman. This entire list is, of course, also ignoring the classic “just use kryptonite” routine that Batman has always used on Superman. How does the saying go? “If it ain’t broke…”?

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that Superman can never, and will never, go all out on Batman. I don’t necessarily mean Superman will never try to kill Batman (which he won’t), but instead he’ll never actually take a fight with Batman as seriously as Batman does. There are lines Batman will cross that Superman won’t come anywhere near. It’s like Batman said in Batman #612: “Even more than the Kryptonite, [Superman]’s got one big weakness. Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person… and deep down, I’m not.” What does that tell you?

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