Batman/Superman Month: Why Superman Would Destroy Batman

Posted: April 8, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns, Comic Book Study
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NOTE: This is one of a two-part post on Batman fighting Superman, and why Superman would win any of those fights. If you want to see the reasons why Batman would win, click here.

Welcome back to Batman/Superman Month everyone! For today’s two-part post, I thought it’d be fun to examine both Batman and Superman as fighters, and explain the reasons why each one stands a pretty good chance of winning in a serious fight.

For Superman, it’s easy to see why he’d emerge victorious. First, he’s invincible. Sure, kryptonite, red sun radation, and magic are all problems, but aside from those, almost nothing can truly hurt Superman. You’d have to either trick him (which, to be fair, can and does happen) or hit him really, really hard to do any lasting damage, and unless the Man of Steel is written terribly or is just feeling very generous in a fight, Batman shouldn’t be able to get anywhere near him.

This brings us to the second point: his super senses. Batman may be quick, able to sneak around in the shadows, and ambush thugs and muggers, but Superman can see past all that. His telescopic and X-Ray vision can pick out Batman anywhere he hides, super hearing can hear all the shuffles of leathery capes and clicks of boots on the ground, and who’s to say Superman couldn’t just smell him if he wanted to? This is, of course, ignoring the new super power he developed somewhat recently in The New 52 line, where Superman developed the ability to identify energy and signals from all over the world. Using this power, it’d be even easier for him to find Batman, given that the Batsuit always has a lot of complicated circuitry and links to the Batmobile.

Third, let’s examine the idea of prep time. A number of Batman fans will argue that Batman can beat anyone, given the right amount of time to gather resources and prepare for the confrontation, and for the most part, they’d be correct. However, in the interest of fairness, Superman would have to be given prep time too, outright nullifying anything Bats would ever come up with. Although it’s never really been played up much lately, Superman is actually a genius, his brain able to work faster than the fastest Earth supercomputers, which (if written to its full potential) would allow Superman to super speed think his way out of any conceivable trap. But even going with every comic where Batman somehow tricks Supes and gets the upper hand, you can still point out a ton of different ways Superman should, realistically, be able to get away and win the fight.


Why not just use heat vision on the mouth part of the suit? Image via

Fourth, and most importantly, we can just look at history: Batman has never beaten Superman in a true one on one fight in canon DC comic books.

Yes, Batman has defeated Superman in the past (most notably in Superman: Red Son and The Dark Knight Returns), but the same outcome never happens in canon. Batman has always slowed down Superman, but never truly managed to take him down. The only time I can truly remember Batman “winning” was against a maddened Superman in Batman: Endgame, when all of the Justice League (save for Batman) was infected with their own custom versions of Joker toxin. He did manage to spit kryptonite into Superman’s eye and ended the fight there, but if we look at what we’ve seen before in this post, and remember that Superman can do pretty much anything he wants (he’s been able to phase through objects), then this also should not have been a problem. Remember Batman #612, where the Dark Knight fought a Poison Ivy influenced Superman? He even commented that Superman could “squish [him] into the pavement if he wanted to.” What does that tell you?

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