Power Rangers Reboot Costumes Revealed!

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Comic Book News
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Entertainment Weekly recently revealed the first ever official look at the costumes for our new Power Rangers from the upcoming reboot! Check it out below!


Image via ew.com

The director of the film, Dean Israelite, stated about the look of the new costumes:

The show was about kids coming of age, about metamorphosis. These suits needed to feel like they were catalyzed by these kids and their energy, their spirit.

Andrew Menzies, production designer for the upcoming film, also spoke about the costumes, stating:

It’s tricky finding a new language for a superhero costume. Ours is an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made. You can’t win everyone over, but we are trying to appeal to a more mature audience and gain new fans.

While a number of fans online have expressed both appreciation for and hatred towards these new costumes, at least we can all agree that they look a lot closer to the original TV show than the redesigned Rita Repulsa does, right?

Power Rangers will arrive in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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