The Big Reveals From The Season 2 Finale of the Flash

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Comic Book Breakdowns
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WARNING: Major spoilers below

If you saw last night’s season finale of The Flash (which you absolutely should if you haven’t already, for some reason), then you’re well aware of the insane twist ending and (possibly) what that means for the future of the show. If not, then you missed out on all the possible exciting hints towards Season 3/very interesting references/Easter eggs/major reveals, such as:

1. Flashpoint

If last night’s twist ending is any indication, Season 3 is going to be all about Flashpoint. For those of you not aware of the Flashpoint event, it covers the arc in DC comic books from 2011 when Barry Allen chooses to travel back in time and save his mother, resulting in massive levels of destruction and numerous changes to DC’s heroes and villains.

But, given that The CW is seemingly not allowed to use many of the extremely interesting characters and plot points from the original Flashpoint arc (Thomas Wayne’s Batman, the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, etc) what does this mean for Season 3? While I choose to believe that this event will be The CW’s way of bringing Supergirl onto Earth-1, it’s currently anyone’s guess what the TV version of Flashpoint will bring to the table.

2. The Man in the Iron Mask’s Identity

Ever since we first saw the captive man in Zoom’s lair, fans everywhere have been trying to figure out his true identity. Is it Earth-2 Henry Allen? Eddie Thawne? As it turns out, it’s actually Jay Garrick, from Earth-3. Wait, what?

According to Zoom’s story, a “Jay Garrick” never existed on Earth-2, so when he captured the aging speedster from Earth-3, he stole the Garrick name and costume idea for fun. The end of the episode revealed Jay’s appearance (turns out he’s Henry Allen’s doppelganger) and costume, where he added the newly defeated Zoom’s winged helmet to his costume. Speaking of Zoom…

3. The Black Flash

It’s been noticed for a long time now that Zoom’s costume is almost identical to that of the Black Flash, the personification of Death for Speed Force users. After the events of last night’s episode, where Barry lures the Time Wraiths to Zoom, we can finally confirm that Zoom actually is the Black Flash. Take a look at Zoom from the show, then compare him to the Black Flash from the comics below:


Image via

4. Crisis on Infinite Earths

The Flash has often toyed with the idea of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, originally published as a DC storyline in 1985, providing numerous references to the classic story (remember the newspaper Barry, Cisco, and Catlin saw in Eobard’s/Harrison’s time vault?).

Last night’s episode also provided another look at the original DC story in the form of Barry’s death. In the episode, Barry creates a time remnant to help him battle Zoom, with one Barry fighting the villain and the other Barry stopping Zoom’s machine. During the run, he disintegrates in a manner similar to comic Barry’s death while stopping the Anti-Monitor. Go ahead and compare the scene from the clip at the beginning of this article to the original comic book scene below:

Seriously, can Season 3 hurry up and get here already?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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