DC Universe Rebirth #1 Introduces Three Jokers

Posted: May 26, 2016 in Comic Book News
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DC has begun revealing the Joker’s past, and it (so far) makes about as much sense as you can imagine.

In March, DC released a teaser image and promised to reveal the origin of Batman’s greatest enemy, with the events seemingly being built off Batman’s use of the Mobius Chair during the events of Justice League #42.


Image via ign.com

While the above image fueled a number of theories, including some that the Joker would be an individual Batman had some history with, it turns out the truth is a lot stranger than that. In the pages of DC Universe Rebirth #1, it’s revealed that there isn’t just one Joker, but rather three.


Image via ign.com

As it turns out, the chair told him there were actually three different Jokers, all corresponding with different eras of the Clown Prince of Crime’s career. How this happened, as well as how Batman never noticed that he was fighting three different Jokers the entire time, has yet to be revealed (although, as some are already pointing out, it’s possible that, rather than being three different people, the Jokers might be three alternate versions of one person, thus explaining the changes in personality without Batman noticing any physical differences).

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