New Power Rangers Report Reveals Spoiler Level Details

Posted: December 12, 2016 in Comic Book News

WARNING: Major (potential) spoilers below.

Despite production on Saban’s Power Rangers reboot film currently in full swing, with a teaser trailer having been released relatively recently, not much else in the way of news or updates had been released. Today, however, The Wrap has released a new report that reveals a large amount of information for the upcoming film, most of which is very spoiler heavy. If you’re looking to go into the new film next year completely blind, then I’d advise you to click away from this article now. Otherwise, prepare to see the following on the big screen:

To start with, the main plot of the film seems to revolve around the Zeo Crystal, Rita Repulsa’s henchman Goldar, and Rita’s master, Lord Zedd. According to the report, Rita will be attempting to gather Goldar’s essence while the Rangers work to stop her within a 71 hour time limit.

Goldar’s molecular essence is scattered around the globe after he was vaporized into a cloud of microscopic gold particles in the opening action sequence on Ancient Earth. Rita Repulsa collects gold to resurrect Goldar… and the Rangers have just 71 hours to stop her.

In this film, Goldar was apparently created with the singular purpose of stealing the Zeo Crystal, an artifact that powers the Morphing Grid and allows the Rangers to access their powers. The reason behind his creation appears to be classic Power Rangers villain Lord Zedd himself, who apparently “burned half his face off” trying to steal the Zeo Crystal himself, and will seemingly be fulfilling a Palpatine-esque background role in this film.

It’s also been revealed that creating Power Rangers is nothing new to Zordon. According to The Wrap, Rangers are drawn from “free planets” (presumably planets not enslaved by Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd), and are considered the best of the best on their planet. Definitely a far cry from the early days of the franchise, when they were simply “teenagers with attitude” and not much more than that.


Image via The Wrap.

The report also finally proves the long standing rumors surrounding Rita’s status as the former Green Ranger, stating that the villain is a “former Green Ranger gone rogue.” Considering that Zordon is also mentioned to be the former Red Ranger, perhaps we’ll see a flashback of the two working together?

Alpha 5, traditionally filling the role of simple comic relief, seems to be getting a massive boost in responsibilities in the new film, with the report stating that he’s “a robot with a supple metallic body and is able to mutate into different designs to maximize his role.” What roles those may be are currently unknown.

Finally, classic Power Rangers villain fodder, the Putties, have also been confirmed to be making an appearance in the film, although they definitely won’t be sticking around for long. According to The Wrap:

Putties will make an appearance in “Power Rangers” in a scene where Rita Repulsa is trying to steal gold bullion from the Central Bank of Russia. Five Putties made of stone in a later scene challenge the Rangers.

Power Rangers will arrive in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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